Stacked with answers

Recently, I had that type of experience, spending hours trying to fix an issue with my broadband provider. Without naming names, and with all due respect to the person on the other end of the call who did their best to help me, the experience was completely sub-optimal/frustrating/painful. The current bar of human performance is not going to be that hard to leap …

Estimates vary as to how much money businesses lose through bad online and phone-based customer service, but the consensus is that it’s in the billions of dollars each year. Fixing this longstanding and ongoing problem through traditional means (better training, better HR policies, etc.) has clearly failed — a new approach is badly needed. The DIGITALL stack provides such an approach.

Digital humans, continuously updated with customer and market insight and intelligence gleaned from millions of other transactions undertaken by other digital humans all active within the same operating system, powered by quantum technology, could completely upend a business process that is prime for reinvention. With COVID reminding us that necessity is the mother of digital reinvention, this reinvention is more pressing and called for than ever.