Nous aidons les entreprises à créer des relations avec les individus et à valoriser les données qui leur sont associées pour façonner les produits, services et expériences qu'elles proposent.
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  • Nous repensons les modèles économiques, modernisons les produits et améliorons l'expérience des clients pour stimuler la croissance.
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Nous aidons les entreprises à créer des relations avec les individus et à valoriser les données qui leur sont associées pour façonner les produits, services et expériences qu'elles proposent.
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The cost of an IT security breach is high. Leverage our enterprise risk-management services approach to protect your brand and shareholder value.

Despite increased awareness of looming threats and a surplus of available security products, many IT systems are still at risk from threats such as unpatched software, disparate security product implementations that leave gaps and departmental silos. Data and access proliferation also contribute to breaches, even where best-of-breed security systems are in place.

Cognizant’s Enterprise Security Management framework monitors security on demand using big data analytics and an overarching risk intelligence service. It scores security threats in real-time and alerts users when and where to take action.


An Integrated SMaaS Solution

Cognizant’s Security Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a converged security platform providing superior risk‑management for the enterprise that brings together data analytics and anomaly detection into a self-learning Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model. With Cognizant’s (SMaaS), you can significantly reduce the implementation challenges of achieving integrated security coverage with our single, on‑demand security service. SMaaS integrates with the security products you already have and detects vulnerabilities that can directly impact brand reputation, revenue generation and shareholder value. Service highlights include:  

  • Accelerated Deployment: Built-in risk intelligence along with identity and access features significantly reduce the delay and implementation challenges
  • Security Data Analytics: Includes operational support services and threat intelligence as part of the subscription model
  • Analyst Dashboards: Identifies and visualizes risks based on identity, security analytics and geo-location
  • Flexible Hosting and Pricing Options: Run the platform in your own secure data center or as a public cloud‑compatible solution

Proactive Scoring of Emerging Threats

Cognizant SMaaS uses self-learning and anomaly detection to proactively find and score emerging threats. Behavioral usage patterns are identified as possible security breaches, while risk-based actions trigger appropriate actions throughout the enterprise. Meanwhile, continuous monitoring provides a converged real-time view across technology silos to help you make better risk-based decisions. Features include:

  • Anomaly Detection: Finds the “needle in a haystack” from all levels of the network
  • Self-Learning: Automatically goes from reactive to proactive mode
  • Threat Intelligence: Provides proactive external threat information
  • Behavioral Patterns: Identifies approved vs. not approved access and usage patterns
  • Risk-Based Actions: Helps make risk-based decisions based on action triggers
  • Continuous Monitoring: Provides a converged real-time view across technology and departmental silos

SMaaS Data Dashboards    

Data dashboards help business executives and IT professionals to visualize security threats both from the bottom-up and top-down, helping them to take appropriate action.

  • Risk Intelligence Dashboard for Executives: Provides a bird’s‑eye view of enterprise risk for CXOs, including a summary view of department and geographical risks and threats
  • Identity Visualization by User: Comprehensive dashboard with local and global views of user and device usage with direct peer comparison
  • Security Data Analytics and Visualization: Includes independent dashboards for different levels of users
  • Security and Risk Policy Management and Reporting: Integrates policy management, triggers and reporting on one platform

SMaaS Suite Components

The following modular components are available as service packs: 

  • ID Intelligence Pack: Providing actionable risk intelligence, this pack detects anomalies, identifies behavioral patterns, follows enterprise policies and employs predictive self-learning
  • Access Pack: Delivers fine-grained access management and risk-based access control to dynamically enforce access policies
  • Federation Pack: Identifies trusted users, services and entitlements
  • Control Pack: An integrated policy management framework with bottoms-up GRC policy enforcement

Flexible Pricing and Service Delivery Models  

Cognizant SMaaS is available either as a managed service for the public cloud or as individual modules for secure on‑premise deployment. A BPaaS option with a CXO decision support system and audit support is available as well. All configurations follow the basic principle that customers pay only for the components they use. Choose from three service delivery models:               

  • Complete BPaaS: Includes a CXO decision support system, audit and investigation support and risk remediation support
  • Managed Service: Features seamless functionality delivery, integrated platform management and a hosted solution option
  • Product: Available as a technology platform with individual modules for on-premise deployment


Cognizant SMaaS Data Sheet

A summary of the top 10 SMaaS features, including advanced correlation, predictive modeling, activity monitoring and user activity certification. A visual overview of executive dashboard screenshot is also included.

Flagship SMaaS Solution for Leading Insurance Company

Our client had a global IT environment with a best-of-breed security infrastructure. Despite this, there were recurring patterns of security incidents and events that needed to be addressed. Cognizant provided the client with its flagship SMaaS solution and leveraged the service’s security intelligence capabilities to correlate data events across the infrastructure. The client was able to correlate end-to-end intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities, pinpoint areas of risk needing immediate attention and gain a clear view into the future of its security infrastructure.

State Healthcare Agency Tightens Database Control

One of the largest such departments in the U.S., this state healthcare agency operates multiple databases running critical applications. With numerous database and access privileges, a lack of access control posed operational and regulatory compliance risks. Cognizant proposed its SMaaS solution to help the agency correlate a pattern of user access and to identify entitlement packages to be used for enforcing access controls. The client gained a clear view of all database access and usage, established a process for automated role engineering and was able to manage and monitor roles proactively.

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