Nous aidons les entreprises à créer des relations avec les individus et à valoriser les données qui leur sont associées pour façonner les produits, services et expériences qu'elles proposent.
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  • Nous repensons les modèles économiques, modernisons les produits et améliorons l'expérience des clients pour stimuler la croissance.
  • Nous réinventons et gérons vos processus métier les plus essentiels avec de nouvelles approches.
  • Simplifier, moderniser et sécuriser l'infrastructure informatique et les applications, c'est notre cœur de métier.
Nous aidons les entreprises à créer des relations avec les individus et à valoriser les données qui leur sont associées pour façonner les produits, services et expériences qu'elles proposent.
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First-of-its-kind secure investigator platform provides clinical investigators with one trusted digital identity for all partners.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a challenging economic landscape that compels companies to reinvent traditional operating models. Gone are the days when a single firm can operate vertically, owning all the assets required for the arduous journey to develop new drugs and medical devices.

Instead, companies are maneuvering to reinvent themselves to develop new therapies virtually. In an industry rife with expiring patents, increasing regulatory pressures and dwindling study populations in domestic markets, pharmaceutical and life sciences firms have adopted more agile methods for clinical trials that bring with them new challenges for secure data communication.

The common denominator in this evolution is collaboration with companies co-developing drugs with clinical resource organizations at an ever-increasing clip and partnering with other companies in the value chain to glean new insights and ideas.

In the "virtual clinical trial," the traditional paper-based process—that makes up approximately 40 percent of annual R&D costs—is replaced with digital communications to lower costs and speed the delivery of approved drugs to consumers. Cognizant provides a wide range of enterprise risk and security services, including a first-of-its-kind secure investigator platform that allows clinical investigators to have one trusted digital identity to use with all partners.


Secure and Trusted Identities

Our Shared Investigator Platform is the first-of-its-kind, "industry utility" that helps the pharmaceutical industry standardize clinical trial processes and replace the multiplicity of investigator platforms currently utilized by individual companies.      

The platform is based on the SAFE-BioPharma standard, which allows clinical investigators to have one trusted digital identity to use with all partners. It provides the highest levels of trust in the identities of those accessing Cognizant’s platform and the applications behind the platform. It also allows application providers a security standard to configure products and applications.     

The platform is based on a standardized approach all participating companies can use to manage the interface with site investigators, thus creating a high level of trust in investigators’ identities.       

In addition, all of our identity and access solutions, including lifecycle management of identities, access governance, federation and single sign-on software, help simplify user roles and manage periodic certifications.     

Governance, Risk and Compliance 

Our integrated approach to enterprise security helps you manage information risk and implement controls needed for governance, risk and compliance.

Application Security Assessment

Minimize the threat of a security breach with our services—from code reviews and assessments through integrated governance, risk and compliance solutions. 

Integrated Threat Management

Rely on our manager security solutions for comprehensive event monitoring across networks, supported by Cognizant’s global threat intelligence services.

Data Protection and Privacy

Protect your applications and infrastructure with static and dynamic masking, robust encryption solutions and added scrutiny through data leak prevention.


Empowers managers with the risk intelligence insights needed to protect against the security threats and attacks by leveraging its services-based security analytics platform.


Virtual Clinical Organization: The New Clinical Development Operating Model

A Virtual Clinical Organization (VCO) is a network of clinical partners who are committed to a common set of strategic and operational business objectives. Learn how VCO differs from traditional vendor or preferred partner relationships.

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Data Masking demands the need for a consistent and holistic approach across organizations. This paper is a discussion on the variety of problems in identifying an enterprise-wide solution and emphasizing on why point solutions suffer.


Cognizant’s Security Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a converged security platform providing superior risk-management for the enterprise. Learn how SMaaS seamlessly combines risk-based intelligence with big data analytics, behavioral algorithms and a real-time executive dashboard to achieve integrated security coverage.

Cognizant's Clinical Transformation

Cognizant’s Clinical Transformation Solution transforms clinical trials by bringing together people, processes and products. It leverages data to create a smart, decision making environment. Learn how and why this solution may be right for transforming your clinical operations and preparing your organization for the Future of Work.

How Pharma can Fully Digitize Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

This white paper discusses how key digital touchpoints can be harnessed for deeper strategic thinking to inform how pharmaceuticals firms can more effectively and proactively engage virtually with HCPs by applying Code Halo thinking.

Application Vulnerability: Trend Analysis and Correlation of Coding Patterns Across Industries

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