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Helping enterprises maximize security with integrated controls protecting the network, endpoints and data center.

Businesses today face a barrage of threats that can lead to critical infrastructure disruption, data leakage and worse—loss of reputation.

Our suite of security services focus on integrated threat management, delivering clients a strategy to identify risks and implement controls around their data center, network and data endpoints. Cognizant’s managed security solutions leverage economies of scale and enable continuous security monitoring to proactively defend against advanced cyber threats.


Consulting Services—Infrastructure Security

Cognizant’s consulting services provide risk assessment and management, along with prioritization of controls, all within the framework of regulatory and privacy requirements. A range of consulting service packages are available, including:  

  • Risk assessment: vulnerability assessment/penetration testing
  • Technology gap assessment and roadmap definition
  • Cloud security advisory
  • Security information and event management: adoption advisory
  • Security operations center: tools, process and people advisory
  • Data loss prevention: adoption advisory
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning advisory

Professional Services—Infrastructure Security

Organizations implement and continually enhance their security controls to proactively defend against threats and meet compliance requirements. Cognizant offers a range of key professional services, to enable them, including:          

  • Data Center Security Services: Firewall architecture, Virtual Private Network, IPS, wireless IPS, Web application firewall, denial-of-service (DDoS), cloud and virtualization security architecture and implementation
  • Content Security Services: Web and e-mail security architecture, implementation and rules fine-tuning, data loss prevention and database activity monitoring implementation and policy optimization
  • Endpoint Security Services: File integrity monitoring implementation, network access control architecture and policy fine-tuning, end point security, two-factor authentication, advanced malware architecture and implementation
  • Threat Management Services: Vulnerability management architecture and implementation, policy compliance and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architecture implementation, fine‑tuning, rules enhancement
  • Key Vendor Alliances: RSA, Qualys, IBM, McAfee, Cisco, Websense, Symantec and Trend Micro

Managed Services—Security Device Management

Cognizant provides services to administer, manage, alert and notify incidents on security devices. These services are offered through shared, dedicated and hybrid service models with flexible coverage. The devices are managed at Cognizant’s Security Operations Center. 

Devices covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Firewalls (1,500+ devices)
  • Endpoint security (100,000+ nodes)
  • Virtual Private Networks (500+ devices)
  • Intrusion detection/prevention systems ( 300+ devices)
  • Data loss prevention (300+ devices)
  • Content filtering (E-mail and Web, 300+ devices)
  • Two-factor authentication (5,000+ tokens)
  • Web application firewalls (100+ devices)
  • Network Access Control (5,000+ users)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS, 10+ devices)
  • Wireless security (1,000+ devices)

Managed Services—Security Operations Center

Cognizant managed security services deliver critical threat management services from our operations center in Bangalore, India. Together with our best‑in‑class partnerships, we effectively and proactively address the challenges facing today’s complex security landscape. Offerings include: 

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services: Our vendor-neutral SIEM monitoring and management solutions employ dedicated and shared resourcing models.
  • Vulnerability Management Services: We perform periodic vulnerability assessments and map the results against the customer’s IT assets to determine criticality and current threats.
  • Compliance Management Services: This service automates evidence collection from IT systems and logs, reporting compliance against standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Threat Intelligence Services: The service provides clients with an ongoing data feed of critical vulnerabilities, exploits, threat patterns, periodic trends and industry‑specific intelligence.


Security Operations Center (SOC)

Proactive and rapid cyber defense with Cognizant’s next gen SOC.

DR Services

Cognizant’s Custom DR service offerings cover the entire gamut from strategy, planning to program management and support.