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Nos alliances stratégiques avec les plus grandes entreprises mondiales nous permettent de proposer des solutions complètes à tous vos problèmes métier et IT.

Reduce contracting complexity, increase compliance and lower costs with the
cloud-based Icertis Contract Management platform

Icertis Contract Management (ICM) is a powerful cloud-based contract management platform that is highly configurable and continually adapts to complex business needs. With its intelligent workflow and built-in analytics, ICM provides ongoing contractual insights and best-of-breed contract management for complex global enterprises. Using ICM, organizations can increase compliance, improve governance, mitigate risk and enhance user productivity, thereby lowering costs, maximizing ROI and accelerating time to value across the global enterprise.

The significant benefits that ICM delivers include:

  • Large scale productivity improvement (40% or more) over the entire contrac​t lifecycle
  • Reduced contract risk through early identification, visibility and review
  • Improved contract compliance through commitment management
  • Provides single view on all types of contracts (buy, sell and corporate)
  • Quicker adoption enabled by an intuitive and inspired user interface
  • A flexible architecture that allows for multiple deployment options, including on cloud or hybrid

Perhaps most importantly, the ICM platform is simple to use and deploys in 60 days or less. It minimizes disruption and helps to ensure rapid and successful adoption by the people who use it.

Providing the enterprise with a complete contract lifecycle management solution


The Cognizant and Icertis partnership is driven by our common goal to provide organizations with a complete contract lifecycle management solution that helps them revitalize their contracting operations. Cognizant’s experience in legal process services, broad domain knowledge, global delivery model and geographical coverage are well suited to deploy Icertis Contract Management on a large scale and to ensure rapid and successful adoption.

Icertis strengthens Cognizant’s expertise and offerings in the contract and compliance services domain, including contract abstraction, contract database management, due diligence, compliance monitoring and more. Meanwhile, Cognizant’s skills and experience in IT integration are well matched to the ICM platform, which is built using the full Microsoft Azure stack. The stack includes NoSQL and Hadoop for configurability and search, enabling Icertis to routinely and successfully integrate its solution with enterprise financial systems and to tie contracts to invoices for billing, payment and compliance.

Thanks to our partnership with Icertis, Cognizant now offers the following services to customers:

  • ICM implementation, legal process consulting and project management
  • Quick global deployment and product support for large, complex enterprise implementations of ICM
  • Legal process managed services to help customers realize business value from their contracts
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