Nous aidons les entreprises à créer des relations avec les individus et à valoriser les données qui leur sont associées pour façonner les produits, services et expériences qu'elles proposent.
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Nos alliances stratégiques avec les plus grandes entreprises mondiales nous permettent de proposer des solutions complètes à tous vos problèmes métier et IT.

Enabling the Digital Supply chain eco-system and help customers transform content into value


Founded in 1999, CELUM is a global leader in the Marketing Technology Landscape developing software for Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Content Management. CELUM is all about how to store, organize and find content, make it available & share content across multiple distribution channels—print, web and social media. CELUM helps customers transform content into value.

CELUM has been built to be the central hub for content. It is able to act as if it was your ERP, CRM, PIM or web content management system and allows direct content orchestration into many channels. Marketing and creative professionals rely on CELUM to drive production efficiencies, manage rights, and analyze data to increase profits and build brands.

Cognizant and CELUM have formed a strategic partnership and enjoy the highest level of partnership status: Platinum Elite. Cognizant is currently the largest Global systems integration partner. We collaborate not just to leverage of strengths of Platform and Professional services, but also to define joint GTM strategies and to support CELUM’s R&D needs. Our Partnership has helped define/implement solutions that empower customers to transform their assets into strategic assets.