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BillingPlatform allows Cognizant to offer a comprehensive billing and order-to-cash solution to any business.

BillingPlatform is the new standard for Enterprise and SMB billing and order-to-cash solutions, offering a full suite of dynamic out-of-the box features and unlimited configurability that allows companies to easily support any business model. The most agile and extensible monetization platform on the market, with leading customers from diverse backgrounds—globally.

Cognizant customers now have to ability to quickly support any current or evolving monetization need, today and into the future. Clients can utilize the platform’s extensive capabilities, including:

  • Subscription Management
  • Advanced Invoicing and Rating
  • AR and Finance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Pricing Capabilities
  • Unlimited Platform Extensions
  • Active Integrations
  • Multi-level Account Hierarchies

Subscription Management

  • Advanced Renewal & Proration Logic
  • Pre-paid/Post-paid
  • Flexible Cycle Options
  • Upgrade/Downgrade/Discount Logic

Advanced Invoicing & Rating

  • Configurable Time-based Cycles
  • Customer-centric Configuration
  • Event-based Invoicing Cycles
  • Multi-currency/Localized
  • Rules-based Charging
  • High-volume Metering from Any Source

AR and Finance

  • Full Life-cycle Management
  • Configurable/Customized Dunning
  • Balance Tracking & Management
  • Logic-based, Merchant Integration
  • Accounting Integration

Business Intelligence

  • Built-in, Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Scheduled Reports and Extracts
  • BI Integrations
  • Forecasting and Modeling

Advanced Pricing Capabilities

  • Intelligent Product Bundles
  • Unlimited Pricing Models
  • Multi-level Contract and Rate Overrides
  • Multiple Effective Dates and Renewal options
  • Subscriptions with Overage
  • Tiered Pricing and Discounts

Unlimited Platform Extensions

  • Fully Extensible Data Model
  • Business Rules and Workflow
  • Extensible User Interface
  • Robust Web Toolkit
  • Fully Integrated Customizations
  • Branding and Localization

Active Integration

  • Dynamic SOAP and REST API
  • Event-based, API Call-outs
  • High-volume, Usage Collection
  • Data Synchronization Tools

Multi-level Account Hierarchies

  • Regions, Departments, BUs
  • Wholesale/Retail/Partner
  • Households and Billing Groups
  • Hierarchical Pricing, Rating, Invoicing & Payment