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Improve Impact With Actionable Insights


Place digital analytics at the core of your operations to learn and adapt to customer needs and propel next-level outcomes.


As analytics capabilities expand, companies have more ways of exceeding customer expectations. Spanning processes end-to-end, embedded analytics provide the intelligence you need to stay in front of customers and the competition.

Operational analytics becomes incredibly powerful when used strategically. Enterprises can harness insights to identify new ways to service customers, new products and services to develop, and new outcomes to pursue, such as opportunities to create new revenue streams and cost savings.

And with the right data structures and systems of intelligence, enterprises can automate how analytics are leveraged to adapt to customers and deliver deeply personalized experiences.





Integrated analytics helps decision-makers get the insight they need without switching applications, wading through multiple reports or calling upon BI specialists for help.

Repeatable, embedded predictions improve processes, decrease costs and increase productivity. And they provide actionable information when and where it’s needed most.



    By embedding analytics into your sales, marketing and customer service applications, you can optimize sales force productivity, win more bids and expand markets through actionable insights.

    Agent/Broker Segmentation

    Understand your sales force performance across products; improve sales to customers by product and by agent; boost revenue through faster conversions; reduce costs with improved agent performance; and accelerate time to market.

    Proposal-to-Quote Conversion

    Enhance end-to-end sales processes with insight into the impact of delivery time on proposals, reasons for failed conversions, and guidance on which proposals work best and why.

    Market Analysis and Growth

    Map sales, marketing and customer service insights across your customer segments. With ongoing actionable insights, you can expand markets and sales delivery processes.

    Revenue Cycle Efficiency Improvement

    Gain information to improve the revenue/income cycle across your management process. Learn how to reduce the recovery effort and increase delayed revenue efficiencies.

    High Risk Order Prediction and Reprioritization of Inventory

    Gain insights and evaluate actions that map order to inventory by volume, timing and location fulfillment. Whether focused on products or services, this solution aligns supply to demand within streamlined processes and optimizes adjustments to reduce costs and increase order-to-sales ratios.

    Digital Campaign Management

    Benefit from key features: enhanced reporting, increased list signups, and improvements to upsell, retention and revenue prediction. Improve end-to-end digital advertising campaigns with insights into new upsell and cross-sell programs such as banner/header effectiveness.

    Enterprise Forecasting Platform

    Generates insights and actions across a wide variety of contact centers, sales and marketing platforms. Use this solution to map case volumes, support issue volumes or manage sales agent staffing to increase productivity and decrease costs. You can dynamically predict and staff for peak loads or decreased activity, or create new procedures to decrease sales process times.



    Build and deploy analytics right inside your customer service applications, fortifying your competitive advantage.

    Reduction of Escalations

    Improve your customer satisfaction with new insights and quick responses to support issues, including first-time resolutions and proactive customer interactions to reduce escalations. The result: increased customer satisfaction with reduced cost of support follow-up.

    CSAT Prediction

    Understand and act upon customer satisfaction across your help desk/support centers. Predict potential customer issues that negatively impact satisfaction and act fast upon developing issues before they escalate.

    Sentiment Prediction

    Use service-level agreements (SLAs) and operational analytics to measure customer mood improvement options and increase brand awareness. Implement new actions to improve current or future shifts in customer sentiment.

    Issue/Ticket Reopen Prediction

    Includes baseline insights and new processes to close support calls correctly the first time and reduce escalation issues, lower follow-up costs and increase customer satisfaction.

    Support Halo Platform

    Creates analytics output across operational metrics for a “full view halo” of customer support—essential for creating customer, product and services views, or for analyzing the best candidates for process improvement at reduced costs.

    Customer Net Promoter Score Improvement

    Gain insights and improve your customer NPS score by leveraging the metrics with the greatest impact across customer interactions.

    Enrollment Process Satisfaction Prediction

    Improve your understanding of and success with enrollment processes and completions. For any “sign me up” process or opt-in action, you can predict outcomes, provide faster process delivery and completions, and improve new enrollment satisfaction.

    Enrollment Churn Prediction

    Leverage churn predictions to pinpoint which enrollments have the highest impact on your business or are most likely to fail. Make use of these for analyzing prospects in insurance companies, advertising agencies and more.



    Heavily automated and process-driven, insurance applications are prime candidates for embedded analytics that generate continuous insight.

    Insurance Agent/Broker Insights

    Segment and group your customer-facing resources to understand performance, markets and customers, all as it relates to products and sales. Insights across your direct- or indirect-selling staff help to increase revenue and decrease time to market and overall conversion complexity.

    Policy Proposal Conversion Rate Improvement

    Leverage your policy, proposal and agent/broker data to understand time to conversion and successful conversion impacts. Clearly see how to reduce proposal completion times, group proposals by success factors and increase overall conversion rates. Map agent/broker insights to conversion rate success to ensure a better match for additional improvements.

    Endorsement Rework Reduction

    Streamline first endorsement closure and reduce time and costs of rework—both through first process and issue prediction analytics.

    Endorsement Volume Forecasting

    Map endorsement volume to best process type and staffing. Align endorsements by complexity and best process, thereby reducing costs and increasing outputs.

    Suspended Amount Reduction

    Reduce overall suspended policy amounts, resulting in cash reserve savings, reduced costs and increased total policy premium intake.

    P&C Personal Lines Policy Cancellation Reductions

    Improve underwriting activities, such as impacts to cancellations, enhance premium revenue by limiting undue cancellations and reduce costs via improved underwriting processes.

    Commercial Policy Cancellation Reductions

    Predict cancellation reasons and impacts, develop new processes to reduce cancellations preemptively and increase premium revenues.

    Specialty Program Benchmark and Claim Cost Reductions

    Optimize medical insurance programs by predicting the correct claims process needed to right claims. Implement to help users understand and adjust the claims process by identifying issues before their impact is felt.

    Claims Triage

    Optimize claims handling and reduce costs from volume-to-staffing improvements, early identification of issues and more.

    Reduction of Aged Invoices

    Predict impact metrics and actions to improve invoice process and revenue return. Understand aging/non-paid invoices and preempt, as needed, to improve invoice payment and reduce overall time to payment.

    Optimize Write-Offs and Reduce Collection Effort

    Improve forecast collection issues, and act upon impact analyses and process alignment to improve overall revenue collection and reduce time to collect.



    Integrate analytics into back-office systems to optimize processes, improve staff productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

    Provider Data Management Optimization

    Better predict and reduce process and claim error volumes and rework. Leverage provider segmentation with outlier detection and performance improvements, leading to reduced costs and overall provider process improvements.

    Claims Finalization Improvement

    Reduce time to finalize claims and overall claim costs. Improve overall claims process efficiencies.

    Claims Accuracy and Volume Forecasting

    Understand and confirm claim accuracy early in the claims cycle. Access claim volume insights to improve staffing productivity and performance. The result: significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction throughout the claims process.

    Prior Authorization Denial Rate Reduction

    Decrease claims denials with preemptive actions, insights and processes for prior authorization clarity. Reduce costs and increase claims revenue with improved accuracy and fewer end-process denials.

    Claims First Pass Rate Prediction

    Understand and predict initial claims approval rates to improve overall claims success. Reduce costs by focusing on claims with issues requiring attention, move successful claims through more quickly, improve claims approvals/revenues and reduce rework.

    Reduction of Aged Invoices

    Predict impact metrics and actions to improve invoice process and revenue return. Understand aging/non-paid invoices and preempt, as needed, to improve invoice payment and reduce overall time to payment.

    Optimize Write-Offs and Reduce Collection Effort

    Better predict collection issues and act upon impact analyses and process alignment to improve overall collection revenue and reduce time to collect.

    Provider Profiling

    Enable cost optimization of provider networks and contract content and process improvements. Make use of segments to increase provider success.



    Combine embedded analytics with the power of digital to refine processes throughout the enterprise and envision new business models.

    Digital/Online Listing Success Improvements

    Ensure online list success by aligning processes to type and geography. Gain new insights to increase revenue for digital listing environments.

    Online Listing Fraud Monitoring and Prediction

    Reduce fraudulent listings via outlier and predictive actions, increasing listing success due to better accuracy and improving the customer experience.

    Mapping Application Improvements

    Address point predictions to improve overall accuracy and customer satisfaction, and increase revenue through improved map accuracy validations.

    Mapping Dashboards and Insights Visualization

    Leverage this mapping validation and success platform to increase mapping accuracy and adjustments, and improve your competitive advantage.

    Contact Center Agent Issue and Failure Resolution Reduction

    Gain better insight with pattern recognition with text mining to streamline issue resolution across business-to-business digital servicing.

    Improve Advanced Analytics Predictive Quality

    Leverage our machine learning models to improve the tech world’s leading and most advanced analytics predictive capabilities—across the digital landscape.

    Feedback Analytics for Algorithm Training

    Reduce false positives within the digital landscape of advanced analytics and improve delivery times for complex predictive models by reducing resource constraints and testing/validation times.

    Communications Servicing Order Failure Halo

    Access analytics that provide issue and failure identification to increase productivity and reduce appointment failures, truck roll costs and technician field time.


Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.

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