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Enhance customer relationships with a single, accurate and trustworthy version of your data.

Master data facilitates better analytics, enhances regulatory compliance and improves enterprise systems like AIM, ERP and e-commerce platforms.

Our Master Data Management (MDM) practice specializes in advanced solutions that improve how organizations harness their data to compete and grow.



MDM-in-a-Box is a packaged business solution that provides a use-case driven, rapid deployment platform catering to key master data requirements of various industries. Each solution comes with a pre-built data model, support for integration with industry-specific data sources and many other features that are industry specific.

All features are designed by Cognizant’s business and technology MDM experts and are based on years of experience creating solutions for clients in specific vertical markets, such as the solutions presented below:

  • Cognizant Securities CentralTM Our next-generation financial instruments MDM solution for capital markets, Cognizant Securities Central enables easy acquisition, maintenance and distribution of the securities master data driving excellence in the trading process. It facilitates centralized alignment and maintenance of securities and provides a single view of the data landscape for better decision-making.
  • Client Central Delivering customer data management for the financial services industry, Client Central is a data management solution with flexible MDM services built-in. It is mapped to real-world business use cases such as customer on‑boarding and risk profiling and captures business‑critical customer data throughout the customer life cycle.
  • e‑Commerce/Supply Chain Enablement Our multi-channel product data management solution for e‑commerce and supply chain usage enables e‑commerce or supply chain functions for those in the retail, consumer goods or manufacturing industries. It comes with pre-built business use cases, best practices, compliance standards and key workflows across the value chain.
  • Clinical MDM This is a trial management solution aimed at clinical data management for the life sciences industry. It provides enterprises with clinical insight, enhanced analytics, error free operations and compliance reporting. Pharmaceutical companies use it to pinpoint appropriate clinical study sites and also benefit from access to a single point of accurate data for decision making.
  • FRDM Financial ReferenceFRDM, our Financial Reference Data Management Solution for Large Multi-Business Organizations, helps businesses master their financial data and build strong processes around the creation and maintenance of data assets that comply with financial regulations. The MDM services are mapped to business use cases such as risk reporting, reconciliation reporting, product processing and more.                         


A vertical-agnostic, cloud-based MDM platform that addresses each client’s master data needs with minimal upfront cost. MDM-on-Cloud™ is our enterprise-class Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with data acquisition, management and syndication features built-in. Featuring a pay-as-you-go subscription plan that offers financial and operational flexibility to clients, it is ideal for organizations across a wide range of vertical industries and drives faster ROI realization.

Data Quality Management

Our Data Quality Management Framework helps your organization improve the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your information assets. We provide data quality assessment, implementation and monitoring services.

Data Governance

Data governance is a disciplined and integrated approach to overseeing and managing enterprise data through formalized structure, policies, processes and systems. It fosters a culture where creating and maintaining high quality data is a core discipline. Using our Data Governance‑in‑a‑Box framework, you can equip your staff with a defined process, an organized structure and well‑defined roles and responsibilities. We also include a defined set of procedures and an execution plan.

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