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Getting ready for IoT and the new normal

Staying safe and connected with people and processes is pivotal from both a societal and business perspective

Most IT managers find themselves struggling with full agendas and big backlogs driven by ongoing digital transformation initiatives. Due to Covid-19, the pressure is only increasing. This crisis has exposed many inefficient processes, capabilities and bottlenecks. However, the ‘new normal’ also presents its opportunities. The new behaviours require people to become more digital, embrace changes and become flexible. IoT vendors are responding to the demand of minimized human contact in various industries such as healthcare, logistics and retail. An example of this is connected wearables that tracks who you have met and monitors vital signs such as temperature and heart rate. We share a societal burden to overcome this crisis, reducing physical contact is necessary and IoT facilitates this. Furthermore, IoT will play a big role post Covid-19 in modernising healthcare, public safety, manufacturing and supply chain.

In our view, enterprises share the same challenges and it is important to link real-life client problems with IoT solutions. Identifying your capabilities and gaps helps you in setting the baseline and prioritize themes as an IT manager, so you know what to focus on and where you need help. A crucial step in creating your IoT ecosystem is to find the right partners that complement your capabilities. However, the scope and speed of IoT is difficult to cope with. Being aware of the different challenges in IoT helps you to be prepared and make the right decisions in your IoT journey.


The IoT Readiness Assessment below helps you identify the possible gaps in your organization and helps to get you ready for IoT.



The potential of IoT is huge and so is its complexity. Therefore, this quick assessment provides an initial understanding of your organization's baseline for IoT. It is part of an extensive framework, assessing your organization on eight critical areas such as capability, risk, technology, and data management. It guides IT managers and staffers in taking their first successful steps and preparing them for the exciting IoT journey in a comprehensive way.

1. Our organization has developed a strategy for IoT related activities/products
2. We are aware of the problems we can solve by using IoT solutions
3. Our management team encourages the organization to think and act digitally
4. There is budget allocated for execution and governance of our digital strategy
5. We are encouraged to contribute to innovation in our organization
6. My colleagues are aware of the impact that IoT can have on our business
7. Our organization has the knowledge and experience to support IoT based solutions
8. Our organization has organized trainings to execute digital initiatives
9. We developed an ecosystem and cooperation with partners which enables us to innovate in IoT
10. Our organization has adopted an agile approach to digital solutions
11. We have staff members accountable and responsible for IoT initiatives
12. We are completely compliant with current regulation regarding data usage
13. Our organization has an infrastructure in place, capable of supporting IoT solutions
14. Our organization has experience with communication protocols for sensors and devices
15. Our organization collects data throughout all business and operational interactions
16. As an organization we have experience in analysing large amounts of data
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You have completed the quick assessment. Feel free to connect with us to conduct the full IoT Readiness Assessment to see how you are performing on the individual critical areas and receive tailored advice on your IoT journey.

Connect with us via the contact form


Based on an average score, your organization does not seem to be fully ready for IoT across the board. Some themes or capabilities in your organization might be more mature to execute small scale ioT PoC’s. For example, understanding how IoT could solve some of your client problems. This should be followed up by having a clear strategy. A deep dive into topics like use cases, available resources, culture, knowledge, technology and data management is needed as well. After prioritizing which of those topics are crucial for your industry and the type of / purpose of your IoT solution, you know where to start. Cognizant can help with an extended readiness assessment, covering eight of the most important IoT themes. Based on our knowledge and experience in several industries, we can guide your organization in where to start and how to proceed. By doing so, we will bring our experience of IoT solutions in several industries and our ecosystem to realize the desirable results.


Your organization already has the potential to be successful with IoT solutions and deliver client value with IoT. Probably the first initiatives are already out there. At the same time, an average score of 3 shows there is room for improvement. This starts with a clear insight in the hurdles of today and what is necessary to overcome them. But also foreseeing the challenges of tomorrow, when the first prototypes needs to be scaled up. Are you prepared for extending your infrastructure, processing more data, and handling the necessary security requirements for example? Cognizant can help with doing a deep dive. To confirm on the readiness on eight of the essential themes, and to advice on where to start and how to proceed. We will bring our experience of IoT solutions in several industries and our partner network to realize the desirable results.


Your organization is ready to realize successful IoT solutions and deliver high client value with IoT. It is highly probable your organization already has successful IoT solutions in place. If not, there lays a huge opportunity to improve your business performance with IoT solutions, from a process and/or customer perspective. At least your organization is ready for it. Make sure to start up more than one use-case. Doing so will enable you to leverage the underlying effort and investment in equipment, tools and skills that are required to realize an end-to-end IoT solution. Chances of success will be much higher. As we believe, there is always room to get more out of your IoT projects, a more extended and industry specific assessment would make sense. In addition, to zoom in on the specific challenges your organization is facing. Cognizant is happy to bring our IoT and industry related knowledge, and our partner network to the table. As your organization is probably a front runner on IoT solutions, we probably can learn from you as well.



Let's talk how IoT can work for your business.