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Run a hassle-free SAP environment.


Effective Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) of ERP applications often requires specialist knowledge of SAP products, underlying business processes and testing best practices. Cognizant’s Enterprise Application Assurance Services (EAAS) SAP practice brings all three elements together to provide a specialized and holistic approach for our SAP engagements.

Ranging from SAP Implementation to Business As Usual (BAU) support, we provide an extensive range of QE&A services–SAP Assurance Services, SAP QA (Quality Assurance) Consulting Services and SAP Engineering Services.

To help our customers continuously stay ahead of the curve and their competition, we have developed expertise in new technologies like SAP S4 HANA, CAR (Customer Activity Repository), Fiori, cloud, analytics, social and mobile. Our tools and solution accelerators for SAP validations like Solution Accelerators (SOLACCS), Solution Generators (SOLGEN), and RAPIDO (tool for automation of test script maintenance) help customers introduce efficiencies and save time across the software testing life cycle.


While our engagement models offer flexibility, our in-depth understanding of SAP modules and extensive experience of various QE&A engagements help us accurately identify and deliver the services needed for our clients. These services are broadly classified as SAP Assurance Services, SAP QA Consulting Services and SAP Engineering Services.

SAP Assurance Services Include:

  • System Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Test Automation, Test Management, User Acceptance Testing, Operational Readiness Testing and Mobile Testing
  • Business Process Testing
  • e-commerce Testing and Validation Services, Point of Sales (POS) Testing and validation, SAP to POS Data Consistency Testing
  • Performance Testing, Security Testing, Middleware Testing, Browser Compatibility Testing, Accessibility Testing, Usability Testing, Data Migration Testing, Test data management, Test Environment Management and Provisioning
  • On-demand QA Services for SAP
  • hybris Testing

SAP QA Consulting Services Include:

  • QA Process Maturity Assessment and Process Consulting
  • Tool Assessment, Integration and Implementation
  • Test Automation Assessment
  • SAP Test Strategy and Planning
  • Application Specific Tool Consulting

SAP Engineering Services Include:

  • Quality Engineering–Shift Left
  • Mobility Testing
  • Performance Engineering


Leading North American retailer reduces total cost of ownership through SAP QA transformation


A leading North American retailer needed a reliable testing partner for testing its multiple capability releases related to implementation of new functionality and new business units. The client wanted to consolidate all testing and QA capabilities, drive consistency, increase productivity and lower cost of test execution.


We provided end-to-end QA services for SAP (including niche modules) and legacy applications. We deployed the Automation Testing as a Service framework (ATaaS) for end-to-end business process automation testing resulting in reduced testing cycle time and developed POSCheck, an innovative tool for validating data integrity between SAP and POS (point of sale).



Optimized QA spend

leveraging our delivery efficiencies

Over $2 million in cost savings

through automation and innovation

Improved from 25% to 55% in three years

overall regression testing automation coverage improved

$387,400 savings

in 2014 due to POSCheck

30% (2010) to 10% (2014)

Simplified by 30% the overall script maintenance effort

$850,000 savings in 2014

due to ATaaS framework

Reduced time to market

resulting in reduced testing cycle time from two weeks to five days using Worksoft Certify and QTP (Quick Test Professional) integration to provide end-to-end business process testing


SAP QA transformation for leading utility company


A £ 29-billion supplier of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the UK was replacing its legacy systems with SAP, which required comprehensive testing within a limited timeframe.


We provided independent and end-to-end testing services that helped the customer during this transformation, subsequent upgrades and business process and technology consolidation. We implemented an automation test factory for maintenance, execution and creation for BAU regression and test suite for 100% test coverage.


Provided Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services

and enabled the customer to deploy quality product in phased manner, thereby providing uninterrupted service to client’s customers

Reduced time to market by ~40%

by freeing up time of development team and increasing automation coverage

Enhanced customer satisfaction

by increasing scope of regression and minimizing defects in production

Cost savings through delivery optimization

by continuously decreasing onsite-offshore ratio [to 30:70]


Finance, HR and procurement transformation testing for a leading UK-based financial organization


A £19.2-billion leading UK-based financial organization needed to unify statutory, management and regulatory (FSA) reporting with a single SAP solution and re-engineer SAP core ledger and transaction processing.


We implemented risk-based testing to prioritize the functions for testing and integrated SAP Test Factory for providing SAP testing services across multiple applications. We automated test steps using out-of-the-box functionality available within the applications to reduce lead time and costs for repeatable tasks.


Harmonized IT user acceptance testing (UAT) for each test phase

30% savings in cost and effort for functional testing (FT) and UAT on generic scenarios

Reduction in overall test planning effort by 15%

Increased scope of functional testing with minimal increase of testing efforts

Reduced cycle time for master data releases using a risk-based Approach for testing

30% reduction in overall testing effort

10% reduction in effort for reviewing and confirming master data

Eliminated consecutive cycles of loading master data (scheduling process chain)

Initiated volumetric optimization

10% savings in effort through test cases optimization

10% savings in cost from test execution

Enhanced testing productivity

Achieved cost savings of over $500,000 through

reuse and lean initiatives

Total cost saving of $81,000 to the customer by

implementation of improvement levers such as test case reusability, risk-based testing, and static testing


SAP regression testing and automation for a large information services company


A $1.8-billion leading global information company was looking for an independent testing partner to identify the regression test suite and automate tests during initial release as part of their SAP implementation project covering order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and finance areas.


We provided independent SAP testing services for this strategic engagement. An effective test suite was built with various regression scenarios resulting in 100 % test coverage.


70% effort savings during regression test execution

for various releases through automation of 80% of the regression suite

70% savings in time

during manual regression test execution for EHP 6 upgrade and SAP Support Package upgrade

60% time reduction

for script maintenance, test scoping and inventory list maintenance by implementing automation framework and best practices

70% effort reduction in test data creation

during each execution as automated scripts were leveraged to create test data

90% savings in time

through automation for resource intensive test scenario executions like Hyperion testing

60% savings in overall cost

during the entire test execution cycle


Offshore testing for one of the largest enterprise software providers


A $17.6-billion leading developer and marketer of enterprise architecture software products needed to ensure that end-to-end industry solutions are seamlessly integrated and validated for critical business processes. The company faced quality issues in the SAP NetWeaver Usage Types. The post-release issues reported by customers resulted in amplified maintenance cost of the product.


We set up an offshore test center that aimed at qualifying the product from usage or implementation perspective and deployed a team for qualifying various releases and support packs of the product. With a team of quality and functional specialists offshore, the client had better view of the product, which improved quality.


$55,000 in cost savings

through landscape optimization and consolidation

No schedule variation

through effective use of tools

Identification of additional integration defects

through creation of cross scenarios

Increased the defect ratio

by performing root cause analysis


SAP testing for a leading research-based pharmaceutical firm


A pharmaceutical leader focused on health needs of people around the globe was using SAP and other legacy applications for their business needs. The client needed to automate SAP Supplier Relationship Management test scripts.


We proposed using the internal automation tool Rapido to improve the process of running tests while reducing the cost. We further supported the client’s testing requirements, ensured FDA compliance on SAP testing for other modules for various projects, support incidents and releases.


$171,600 in cost savings through accelerated testing

by developing MS Excel-based tools and automation scripts

Optimized regression test cycle effort

and improved the test coverage with various in-house tools and accelerators

Savings in cost, time and effort

through automated manual test scripts across SAP modules

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