Hilft Unternehmen dabei, Mitarbeiter einzubinden und ihre Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Umgebungen nach Erkenntnissen aus Daten zu formen.




Redesign and refocus your business operations.


Enterprises are focusing on streamlining and simplifying processes, shrinking innovation cycles and reducing time-to-market, while maintaining the price margins for continuous business growth.

Cognizant has partnered with many of its clients in defining, designing and executing their business transformation roadmap. We have successfully delivered projects involving implementation, rollout, SAP consolidation, technology portfolio rationalization, upgradation and migration. Cognizant has developed unique tools and accelerators that help in effort and error reduction.


Implementation and rollout service offerings:

  • SAP strategy and roadmap
  • Global template creation
  • Green field implementation
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Multi-country rollouts
  • Industry-specific solution development
  • SAP landscape optimization
  • Ready-to-run solution templates
  • Carve-out and divestitures
  • Instance consolidation

Upgrade service offerings:

  • Upgrade assessment
  • Collaboration with SAP Labs for latest versions of NetWeaver
  • Upgrade assessment
  • Pre-upgrade optimization
  • Factory based UBox model
  • Automated unicode conversion
  • Enhancement pack and support pack upgrades

Migration service offerings:

  • Data migration and assessment
  • Data profiling
  • Review and rectification
  • Data mapping: source to target data mapping and transformation
  • Data preparation: transform data as per consumable format
  • Data verification


Leading packaging solutions company transforms supply chain management


A $5.6-billion producer of packaging, specialty papers, consumer and office products needed to enhance innovation and collaboration across the company’s packaging value chain and create a more responsive, flexible organization to benefit customers throughout the world.


We developed a Paper Board E-Commerce web application and CRM e-commerce portal and brought all supply chain operations and mill operations onto a single, integrated platform. The Web application improved order management and provided real-time view of inventory to the client’s customers while providing a Web-enabled view of consignment stock processes.


10% improvement

in paper machine/extruder efficiency

20% increase

in open stock availability through automated inventory replenishments

10% reduction

in Customer Account Representative's time on phone by migrating a portion of customers' order placement to the web portal and via EDI

30% improvement

in data availability and consistency across the organization

Improved inventory

visibility and reduced inventory obsolescence by 15%


savings of $10.5 million annually


Global pharmaceutical company consolidates multiple businesses


A $365-million global pharmaceutical company acquired multiple business units from major Indian pharmaceutical companies to further consolidate its position in India and needed to integrate businesses for harmonized supply chain process through centralized IT systems.


We designed a harmonized process model to closely integrate multiple business entities on a single SAP platform. Our solution enabled quicker integration of acquired and merged entities.


Improvements across

business processes like Order-to-Cash (OTC), PTO, supply chain management, etc.

Time and cost benefits

from accelerated implementation by leveraging testing and ABAP factory tools

Cost savings

through on-time closure of project preparation and business blue print phases


inter-company transactions with the provision of standard SAP solution coupled with back-to-back automation


Leading personal health and hygiene products company transforms OTC process


A $4.9-billion personal health and hygiene products company had sluggish OTC cycle, well below the industry average and lacked an available to promise view of its stock.


We developed a rationalized, scalable and robust OTC platform that transformed the order management and distribution processes and delivered the transformation in a phased manner with optimized development costs.


Order Management

Improved order fill rate, reduced retail out of stock situation and enhanced analytics capability across North America region

Automated oversized non-freight goods sales order

Enhanced re-pricing process

Reduced ITAS team support hours needed for transaction monitoring analysis report

OTC cycle time reduced to 24 hours

Order Distribution

Consolidated Canadian custom invoice and Canadian commodity code summary into single output resulting in reduction in paper printing and validation


Leading telecom company harmonizes business processes


A €17.6-billion leading telecom company needed to harmonize and consolidate different business processes in core functions of finance (accounting and controlling), procurement, logistics and HR while optimizing and simplifying all existing processes.


We followed an industrialized approach for the solution development through a Build and Test Factory set-up to achieve standardization and cost efficiency. Our solution allowed for group-wide harmonization of procurement systems and supplier communication platforms.


Maximum standardization of logistics processes

between mobile and fixed network in a shared warehouse and IT system.

Reduction in inventories and storage costs

through vendor and sales partner integration

Reduction in finance processes

cost through factory-based approach

Significant improvement

of purchasing activities

Uniform process

to authorize purchase requisition and procurement of services for reduced procurement cycle time and improved efficiency.

Multi-million Euros

saved annually due to optimized total cost of ownership through higher standardization


Leading utilities company in the UK enhances customer experience


A £29-billion supplier of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the UK needed to enhance customer experience through improved product and service offerings while maintaining sustainable relationships with profitable customers.


We developed an online solution/platform for improving customer connect, reducing costs and introducing additional customer service channel through computer telephony integration and interactive voice response telephony systems for better customer experience.


£4.6 million

in cost savings through retiring of legacy systems


number of cancel/rebills from 34% to 24%

Acquired customers

through lead generation leading to 5% improvement in capability and 1% in conversion

Lower call

handling time – average handle time down by 10% through Agent Workbench, resulting in enhanced customer experience

Fewer agents

required, leading to reduction of 120 resources

Provisioning of online

platform brought customers closer to the business and improved transparency and flexibility

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