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Managing People in a Pandemic: Lessons From the Front Lines

With the right tweaks to processes and management approaches, Cytiva delivered on surging demand despite COVID-19 lockdowns. But this life sciences company couldn't expect its associates to keep up this pace and isolation forever. Recent lessons learned will have a lasting, positive effect on the company's ability to serve customers and operate as a team that’s in it, together.

By Kevin Seaver, Executive General Manager, Cytiva

Rarely has the world been so eager for the next life-saving discovery, particularly vaccines and biologic treatments such as cell- or gene-based therapies. Since COVID-19 hit, our business at Cytiva (formerly part of GE Life Sciences) has been firmly at the center of the action, playing a critical behind-the-scenes role, delivering solutions to help life sciences companies advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of vaccines and therapeutics.

Understandably, over the past year demand for our products and services has soared, as they are essential for the kind of intensive life science processes aimed at developing COVID-19 remedies and other treatments efficiently and quickly. At the same time, we needed to almost completely change the way we work, as our associates across 40 countries moved to remote work for all but the most essential functions.

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