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Manage your customer service related business processes more effectively and profitably.

Make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction and achieve operational savings—all at the same time.

With our BPM services, you can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages. With extensive global experience across industries, we can create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs.


Consulting Services

  • BPM Awareness Workshop
  • Business Activity Monitoring Assessment
  • BPM Fitment Analysis
  • BPM Business Case and Evaluation
  • BPM/BRM Engagement Roadmap
  • Business Process Analysis/Harmonization/Prioritization
  • Business Rules Harvesting/Extraction and Consolidation
  • BPM/BRM Center of Excellence

Technical Advisory Services

  • Performance Engineering
  • BPMS Implementation Health Assessment
  • BPM Infrastructure Assessment
  • Business Activity Monitoring

Testing Services

  • Functional and Performance Testing
  • Automated Testing

Implementation Services

  • BPMS/BRMS Product Configuration and Customization
  • BPMS/BRMS Product Upgrades and Migration
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Infrastructure Setup

Support Services

  • Ongoing Application Maintenance & Support
  • Feature Enhancements

Industry Solutions

We offer a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet specific industry or functional requirements. BPM vertical solutions include:

  • Banking & Financial Services: Card dispute resolution management, retail lending, collection framework, recoveries solutions and more
  • Insurance: Underwriting automation, consolidation and integration, claims processing and more
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare: Prior authorization systems, member enrollment solution, grants management, event reporting and more
  • Retail: Reverse logistics and more
  • Telecommunications: Processes to integrate disparate systems and monitor execution variation across business segments and more
  • Travel and Hospitality: Franchise on-boarding
  • Cross-Industry Solutions: Bid management, employee on-boarding, loyalty framework and more
We offer a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet specific industry or functional requirements. BPM vertical solutions include:


Insurance Claims Management: Improving Staff Capacity Using BPM

We show how insurers can use business process management (BPM) to enhance and optimize the capacity of its claims staff through triage to determine whether human intervention is required to adjudicate a given claim, as determined by a workload management solution.

Planning for 2015: How to Embrace the Six C's of Business Process Management

Business process management is a key technology for many enterprises. We examine how the six C's‑cloud, collaboration, contextual, coverage, continuous improvement and codeless—are impacting BPM's adoption.

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