Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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  • Working to reshape business models, modernize products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.
  • Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.
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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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When innovation is competitive advantage

CSpark gives enterprises the edge


Innovation is the lifeblood of every business. But harnessing and tracking a managed innovation process across employees, customers and suppliers can be a challenge.


Every enterprise has different DNA and every company innovates differently. CSpark is an idea management system that helps companies create and structure a managed innovation process. CSpark helps identify the "jewels in the rough" from your entire organization in a flexible way that fits the processes and culture of each firm.


For associates with great ideas, CSpark helps structure their thinking and helps realize the full potential of their innovation. For the organization, the highly customized administrator options help motivate the employee base, driving idea generation and bringing the best ideas to the top of the funnel.


Cognizant’s CSpark platform provides companies with the ability to collect ideas by reaching out to subsets of the associate base through profile filtering and access control, helping reach the right set of thinkers and innovators depending on the type of challenge or problem. People submitting ideas could be employees, vendors and even customers. CSpark helps to manage large volumes of ideas through rule based automatic idea graduation and reduces the administrative overhead through flexibility to run and manage campaigns.

  • Create customizable idea generation forms or reuse editable templates or existing forms
  • customizable workflow to meet specific challenges of an idea generation campaign based on the context
  • Enable collaboration for better ideation effectiveness
  • Efficient evaluation through auto graduation and form based idea evaluation based on customizable parameters
  • Encourage user participation through customizable award points and badges to the users
  • Multi-level metrics and reports and easy administration of innovation campaigns
  • Access rights control for better targeting, privacy of data and alignment of the right roles and responsibilities within the organization
  • Ability to create multiple solicitations/campaigns and enable rating and commenting from specific target users
  • Track idea execution to complete innovation process


Explore how CSpark can transform the innovation culture in your organization.


Get a quick overview on the CSpark platform and how it meets the needs of any organization interested in a managed innovation service.


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