Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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  • Working to reshape business models, modernize products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.
  • Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.
  • Simplifying, modernizing and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business.
Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Connect applications, data and devices to transform business with Cognizant and MuleSoft.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint PlatformTM solves the most challenging connectivity problems across service-oriented architecture (SOA), software as a service (SaaS) and application programming interfaces APIs. It's a unified, highly productive, hybrid integration platform that creates an application network of apps, data and devices with API-led connectivity. With Mule as its core runtime engine, Anypoint Platform is built with open technologies to promote reusability, modularity and collaboration—increasing developer productivity and project speed. The benefits of the Anypoint Platform include:

  • Unified Connectivity: Connect apps, data and devices anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud, with the leading platform for application networks powered by API-led connectivity. Design, run and analyze services and APIs, all on a single platform.
  • Lowest Friction: Build—and change—your application network quickly with Anypoint Platform's developer-friendly tools and open standards. Compose, not code, with pre-built templates, components and other reusable building blocks.
  • Future-proof: Get ready for cloud-first IT that scales for every size enterprise and molds to your company's needs, including moves into IoT, big data or analytic processes. Anypoint Platform's flexible architecture evolves as your business does.

Rapidly Connect Anything, Anywhere


Cognizant’s Integrated Process Management (IPM) practice works closely with MuleSoft to offer solutions that allow enterprises to quickly design, build and manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs, applications and products. 

Cognizant collaborates with MuleSoft through a global Center of Excellence dedicated to help clients gain better control of event-driven needs on technology platforms across multiple channels. As MuleSoft’s Global Strategic Partner, Cognizant has a strong MuleSoft practice—both in the number of consultants as well as in the experience and expertise of implementing MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. The MuleSoft Competency Badges for SAP Connectivity, Twitter Connectivity, Salesforce Connectivity, Workday Connectivity, ServiceNow Connectivity and many more, are a testament to Cognizant’s IPM practice’s MuleSoft expertise. Using a Cognizant and MuleSoft shared solution, customers can connect systems, applications data and events in real-time and grow fast while minimizing risk.

MuleSoft Partnership—Enterprise API Management | Cognizant