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Responsibilty for the environment is a business imperative.

We have made solid progress in our efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment—which is essential to protect the resources needed for the future, better manage climate change risks and enhance the quality of life for our employees, clients and partners.

Toward that end, we have executed strategies to conserve energy and reduce waste through disciplined management practices, improved facilities design and reengineered business processes.

Concern over climate change has prompted us to reassess our energy dependence and we seek to reduce emissions across our global network. In 2013, we began purchasing meaningful amounts of renewable energy for several facilities in India. 12% of our global energy consumption is now sourced from wind and biomass.

Through our Environment Management System, defined by ISO 14001 standards, we identify and control the environment impact of our activities. And our "paperless offices" program has made great strides in reducing paper usage across our operations worldwide.

We actively engage associates in our environmental efforts through a Company-wide initiative known as Go Green. As of 2013, Go Green had contributed to a 43% reduction in per capita carbon emissions versus the 2008 baseline. Our associates have been involved in such projects as developing a Carbon Footprint Calculator, creating a Carpooling App and collecting e-waste. Some 4,000 employee volunteers, known as Green Brigadiers, also are involved in clean-up efforts, recycling campaigns and awareness-raising activities in their communities.​​

Environmental Stewardship | Cognizant Technology Solutions