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Cognizant employs rigorous internal controls to ensure our commitment to ethical behavior, proper risk management and exemplary corporate conduct.

Our internal controls are maintained by an effective and far-reaching corporate governance system implemented by our senior leadership team and overseen by an independent Board of Directors. In particular, as one of the nation’s leading sponsors of permanent resident visas (“green cards”), Cognizant has a strong track record of compliance in adding highly skilled workers to our growing permanent U.S. workforce.

Our operations meet with the highest standards established by regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Department of Labor.

Our ethics and compliance programs include several key measures to ensure that they meet with the highest standards. These measures include:

  • Our operations and particularly our immigration and visa application units, operate by rigorously defined management rules and are overseen by an expert compliance team comprised of immigration legal professionals reporting directly to the General Counsel.

  • In a best-practice standard for the industry, Cognizant’s visa compliance operation is under the direction of our General Counsel and separate from the business units. We have 10 people and two lawyers dedicated almost exclusively to compliance— indisputable evidence of how seriously we view the rules and regulations governing visa compliance.

  • Cognizant’s General Counsel, Chief Security Officer and their staffs ensure that management and Associates are in compliance with all internal polices and external laws and regulations.

  • Our senior executive team and Board routinely review our governance and business policies to ensure compliance and provide guidance on enhancing them to support the Company’s growth and protect its reputation.

  • Cognizant maintains a Whistleblower Hotline to enable associates, clients, vendors and other parties to anonymously report any concerns about possible unethical behavior to our executive management and Board of Directors.

The success of our ethics and compliance programs is apparent in the results of an audit of our compliance with H-1B visa laws conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL reviewed all of Cognizant’s practices from 2001 through 2008 and found a greater than 99.7 percent compliance rate over the seven year period.

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