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Breakout Sessions

Modernize Your Business (or Perish?): A Debate On How You Can Win In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Being a high performing company is great, but it’s not easy to get to the top of the charts, and it’s getting harder to stay there. (For example, in the US, five out of the top 10 companies by size changed in the 10 years between 2008 and 2018).

The biggest reason? One big cause is undoubtedly technology-driven disruption. Modernizing jobs, ethics, innovation, data – and much, much more – is becoming the new business imperative for every business decision maker! So now what?

Join us for a spirited and highly participatory Oxford-style debate between two practitioner-futurists from the Center for The Future of Work on the following “motion”:

Fifty-percent of the current Fortune 500 will drop off the list because they failed at modernization (missing opportunities from experience, software, intelligence, data, foundational technology).
(Or will they?)

Please join ready to learn, argue, vote, challenge, and share insights with other senior executives about how every company can and must modernize to stay relevant in the modern economy.

The Work of Belonging: Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity & Inclusion

Many organizations now recognize diversity and inclusion are critical to creating cultures of continuous innovation. Yet there’s one more key to unlocking the full potential of employee creativity: belonging. That means being welcomed, included, valued and connected. In this lively session, Caroline Styr from Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work will share insights from our study of how the digital economy is reshaping work. Then Margaret Schweer, Managing Principal for Tammy Erickson Associates, and Alan Alper, head of thought leadership at Cognizant, will preview the results of our exclusive global study of 10,000 respondents on belonging and its impact on organizations’ success in the new world of work. They’ll share key findings about what it means to belong at work across genders, generations, geographic regions and workplace hierarchies. You’ll leave this session with clear, actionable insights for how to cultivate a culture of belonging that will help enable your employees, and your organization, to succeed in the digital era.

Engineering the Modern Business through Software Products: Designing Experiences, Engineering Outcomes

Software is reshaping nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. It’s changing how people interact all over the world. And in today’s software-driven economy, no industry is free from disruption. Organizations must transform themselves to stay competitive and foster growth, but most don’t have the ability to shift and embrace a transformation mindset. Becoming modern doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. In this session, featuring some of the world’s biggest brands, we will break down the digital engineering challenges our clients face. We will provide you with a roadmap on how to build a software delivery organization that enables business success. You will leave with specific action items about how to most effectively execute a digital transformation that prioritizes your customers, nurtures a culture of innovation, and lays the foundation for mutually productive partnerships.

How to Compete in the Data Economy

Join MIT data and business strategy expert Stephanie Woerner and Cognizant’s AI & Analytics leader Bret Greenstein in this high energy interactive session about using data to enable your digital and AI journey. Bret will share findings from Cognizant’s recent Digital Maturity Curve research about the characteristics that define digital leaders. Then, drawing on real-world use cases, Stephanie will detail the four digital transformation pathways organizations may take to achieve the highest levels of maturity on operational efficiency and customer experience. You’ll leave this session understanding which pathway is optimal for your organization and how to navigate it--creating powerful new operating and business models and sustainable revenue channels along the way.

The Four Pillars of Winning on Customer Experience: How Leaders Stay Ahead of the Competition

Across industries, 89% of companies now compete on the experiences that they enable for their consumers -- not product, not price, but experience. Meeting and exceeding ever-shifting consumer expectations is the only way to prosper. The trick is understanding where real value lies and how to efficiently unlock it. The session will illustrate the 4 key CX pillars on which success is constructed:

Customer and Commercial Insights: Uncover where value lies across the interactions between consumers and brands.
Creative and Content Development: Design and fuel engaging experiences at scale.
Engineering the Experience: Aligning the data, the technology stack and the business process.
Empower the organization: Giving the organization the structure and tools to collaborate and center its focus on the customer.

Join digital leaders from national brands and our Global Customer Experience leader to learn how to apply these four pillars and succeed with powerful customer-led digital transformations.

Spaces, Places, and Things: Make Instrumentation Part of Your Modernization Agenda

The phrase Internet of Things often brings to mind connection (the “Internet”) and physical things (soccer balls, cars, industrial equipment, your pet).

Towers, sensors, cables, and batteries are part of the story, but there’s more to it.

The true disruptive power of the IoT comes from extracting insights from data erupting from every instrumented person, place, space, or thing. Instrumentation enables game-changing consumer experiences, more productive operations, and bold new business models in every industry.

Too many leaders have prematurely bypassed exploring IoT, filed in the “Too Hard/Not Relevant” drawer. It’s time for that to end!

This provocative session will show attendees how IoT is a universal opportunity to modernize not only industrial work, but also insurance, healthcare, banking, retail … your business. Then join in the conversation as we discuss where to start, lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, and how to scale IoT and instrumentation programs for the biggest impact.

The Reskilling Imperative: Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

IoT, 5G, cloud, AI, analytics—these and other digital technologies are inspiring new business models and value propositions. Inspiration also requires execution – and for that, organizations need employees with new skills and perspectives. In this session, see how businesses can meet the challenge of reskilling, and fast. Find out from a leading education experience company how curriculum is changing to help students develop required capabilities. Learn how to identify and tap new-to-you talent pools and hear from a participant in a fast-track reskilling program. Leave with action items for helping your organization accelerate its reskilling strategy.

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