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Apex Awards


Cognizanti Volume 9, Issue 1

Progress on the Path to Digital Authenticity

This edition of Cognizanti explores the essence of what it means to be digital (think of a digital-to-the-core attitude and customer autonomy as critical operating constructs) and amplifies the role that the thoroughly modern CIO can play in helping organizations achieve progress, both from a leadership and “gig” economy point of view.


Apex Awards

Cognizanti Volume 8, Issue 1

Keeping Business Simple, But Meaningful

This issue is dedicated to the simplicity promised, but not guaranteed, by digital business. It illuminates the possibilities and pitfalls, while offering concrete ideas and inspiration to those seeking to jumpstart or accelerate the digital journey.


Cognizanti Volume 7, Issue 1

Seeing the Digital Future through a 2020 Lens

This issue of Cognizanti reveals new technologies, tools and techniques that are rapidly converging to push the vision of end-to-end digital business over the final barrier into an approachable reality. We provide practical advice on what organizations can and should do to navigate around and through the organizational, technological and business model mountains that they are sure to encounter on the way to fulfilling their holistic digital business mandates.

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