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Bringing together the best minds in the business, the Cognizant-Microsoft partnership is powering businesses with best-of-breed analytics and differentiated data solutions. By focusing on long-term value and definitive outcomes for business from data, the partnership hopes to build a beneficial ecosystem for all stakeholders.

COGNIZANT BigDecisions


Cognizant BigDecisions System of Intelligence platform enables businesses to rapidly build and deploy artificial intelligence and analytics solutions to tackle the challenges of running a digital business. Delivered on Microsoft Azure and supported by the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, BigDecisions goes beyond everyday analytics to deliver comprehensive solutions that harness the power of big data, cognitive intelligence and internet of things.


All-in-One Analytics

Connect to multiple data sources and do more from a single platform that combines advanced analytics capabilities with state-of-the-art cloud technologies.

Faster Path to Action

Gain a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to inform strategic decision-making and drive toward better outcomes.

Relevant Industry Insights

Leverage our deep domain knowledge to get instant expertise with prebuilt applications, or build custom analytics apps specifically designed to enhance your business. 


  • Centralized Information Platform for Manufacturing Company
    Centralized Information Platform for Manufacturing Company

    Enabled seamless sharing of data on customers, suppliers and products across business functions for timely reaction to business opportunities with quicker access to right data, with right quality. Integrated BigDecisions with Enterprise Data Hub on Microsoft Azure with source-agnostic ingestion layer to enable onboarding of multiple data formats, from internal/external data sources.

    • Sandbox environments for 28 business divisions were implemented to drive adoption of data science
    • Ability to leverage data of any kind to build analytical models brought flexibility, agility and efficiency across line of businesses
    • Induced a data-driven culture within the organization
    • Enable the innovation and analytics branch to act as advisory for LoBs
  • Customer Profiling and Campaign Management at Insurance Company
    Customer Profiling and Campaign Management at Insurance Company

    Enhanced customer experience and agent effectiveness, as well as improved customer and agent loyalty. Implemented an end-to-end analytical solution on BigDecisions Platform on Azure for an enhanced 360-degree view of customers and brokers to drive better engagements. Equipped the client with deep insights on customer profiles to help the company design targeted campaigns for cross-sell/upsell opportunities and capture areas currently unserved by competitors,  improving market penetration, maximizing customers' lifetime value and reducing customer attrition and leakage in business opportunities.

    • Business benefits of $325 million realized over 5 years
    • Improved market reach outside current service areas from 0.5% to 1.25% and in current service areas from 12% to 20%
    • Implemented iValue Analytics dashboard to understand customer and broker characteristics
    • Sales Territory Analyzer was used to understand demographic profile and market potential
  • Connected Vehicle Business Intelligence Platform at Automobile Company
    Connected Vehicle Business Intelligence Platform at Automobile Company

    Implemented a big data platform to handle data from external (UI Evolution and VoiceBox Technologies) and internal (Customer 360, Sales, Telematics and Vehicle) data sources to provide self-service reporting and analytics capabilities to business users. Enabled insights on customer experience in terms of product usage, service availability and troubleshooting to form superior after-sales customer loyalty.   

    • Strong after-sales loyalty program and a superior customer experience
    • Original equipment manufacturers' enabled to formulate flexible pricing strategies for product lines
    • Data on-demand across various dimensions, and analysis of data across functional departments
  • Wastage Elimination With IoT at Manufacturing Company
    Wastage Elimination With IoT at Manufacturing Company

    Minimized shop floor inefficiencies and prevented material flow to wrong location with real-time data on material movement within the plant. Designed and built an Azure IoT platform to ingest real-time location data on cycle time, per sales order cycle time, and material quality. 

    • Advanced/predictive analytics to get insights into cycle time overages, per sales order cycle time, and workstation and operator efficiency
    • Real-time analytics for ingestion of location data and alert generation
    • Reduced wastage and improved productivity through real-time tracking of movement of key parts within the plant
    • Optimized sales per order cycle time
  • Interactive Visualizations at Fashion Store
    Interactive Visualizations at Fashion Store

    Established an intuitive and user-friendly interface for business users to view interactive visualizations on locations, product details and drivers for sales growth. Implemented ONERetail platform built on the core concept of “Guided Analytics,” helping the client arrive at key insights within four clicks. 

    • Prebuilt analytics features for common scenarios and relevant key performance indicators to direct users to insights they need, placing them on faster path to action and rapid realization of value
    • Diagnostic algorithms to derive cause-effect patterns and dimension reduction capability to identify the most important independent variables impacting the use case
    • Enabled the client to provide personalized experiences to consumers across online stores
    • Ability to perform detailed market basket and category analysis
    • Enabled a shift from “react to market dynamics” to “operational excellence”
  • Modernized Data Services and Visualizations at a Retail Chain
    Modernized Data Services and Visualizations at a Retail Chain

    Enhanced visibility of supply chain and replenishment for suppliers and merchants. Ability to perform detailed market basket and category analysis. Actionable insights into sales and store inventory for smaller suppliers. Implemented data distribution services and enhanced visualizations on Azure platform to meet the supplier and merchants’ varying data needs.

    • Flexible data access mechanisms for large, medium and small suppliers, reducing redundant data pulls
    • Improved report performance due to less stress on server and reduced data traffic
    • Enabled suppliers and business users with data visualization tools to perform ad hoc analysis
    • Predefined dashboards and scorecards were leveraged to gain insights into sales, supply chain, replenishment, market basket and category



Cognizant’s BIGFrame solution enables organizations to achieve cost efficiency on their infrastructure investments by helping to migrate data and complex processing from resource-intensive data warehouses to the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution assures zero drop in performance and brings agility to the workload migration by leveraging in-built automation and Azure’s cloud-enabled multi-node architecture.