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Save costs and improve operations with a more modern technology platform.

Legacy infrastructure and systems put your business at risk from competitors that can quickly introduce products supported by segmented pricing, work more efficiently and engage more fully with customers. Designed with today’s technologies, for tomorrow’s insurance businesses, the Cognizant cloud insurance platform enables you to focus on your core business and opens up a new world of opportunities.

The foundation of Cognizant’s cloud insurance platform is based on a partner of your choice in a software-as-a-service model. Value is further enhanced with Cognizant’s proprietary implementation of application programming interfaces to third party software and business process services such as mail intake, document scanning and indexing, call center support and print and mail distribution.


Manage Capital Expenditure

The Cognizant cloud insurance platform is delivered on a business-platform-as-a-service basis with scalable pricing based on direct-written-premium and policies-in-force subscription levels. You pay in a way that significantly benefits your cash flow and operating expense budget. It comes pre-integrated with digital capabilities which reduces the time, cost and risk of migrating platforms while also transforming operations to meet increased consumer and competitive demands.

Improve Customer Management

Legacy platforms tend to silo functional systems by separate policy, billing and claims databases that are poorly connected in a common operational data store. The Cognizant cloud insurance platform relies on a single, unified database for all operations, providing:

  • A 360-degree view of your customers
  • The ability to track service delivery across all interactions
  • The capacity to understand the lifetime value of key business segments
  • The tools to refine the product and related pricing of those segments and other key distribution
  • Underwriting and claims analytics that relate to customer management


Enhance Operational Efficiency

The Cognizant cloud insurance platform provides a foundation to increase operational efficiency through automated workflows, increased customer self-service and implementation of digital assets. The integrated business process management software makes it easy to implement rules that automate standardized and exception-defined processes.

Boost Business Growth

The Cognizant cloud insurance platform will support your business growth in a number of ways. You will be able to offer more competitive rates as you lower operating costs, improve retention through personalized service, increase market reach through portal/mobile technology, expand markets and improve product configuration capabilities.

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

Every day that you continue to rely on legacy infrastructure, you increase the risk of failure, performance degradation and end of support, not to mention missing out on the flexibility to deliver new products and services. With the Cognizant cloud insurance platform, you can enjoy the reliability, flexibility and performance of best-in-breed, continuously updated technology platforms managed by Cognizant.

On Premise or Cloud Hosting

Solution is hosted on premise or in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or with your preferred private infrastructure deployment option.


Cognizant Cloud Insurance Platform Overview

Learn how the Cognizant cloud insurance platform enables you to focus on your core business and opens up a new world of opportunities based on a software-as-a-service model. The Cognizant cloud insurance platform includes all the functionalities you need for the provision of comprehensive policy, underwriting, billing and claims services. 

How P&C Insurers can Modernize and Meet Customer Lofty Digital Expectations

Property and casualty (P&C) insurers must transform on multiple fronts as they adapt to the expectations of millennial customers for a strong digital experience and omni-channel integration. Underpinning all of this–and the process related business model changes–is emerging technology. This includes both technology infrastructure and core applications, such as policy, billing and claims, as well as mobile, telematics and analytics. Cloud based service strategies can enable P&C insurers to reduce operating costs, improve key business processes and engage with customers in more meaningful and productive ways.

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