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Reduce costs and increase
revenue with agility.

Increase your competitive edge by seamlessly connecting to your trading partners.


CCIB is a holistic solution that provides B2B Platform as a Service with in-built scalable infrastructure on the cloud. It comes with pre-configured B2B software that has multi‑tenant features and a managed services team packaged together. This helps provide our customers with the ability to leverage service provider advantages, the scalability to grow in tandem with the organization’s growth and the flexibility to customize the solution and services to suit their needs.


Partner Management

  • Faster partner on-boarding to cater to growing business needs
  • Multi-protocol and secured communication channels available

Data Transformation

  • Multiple data formats supported
  • Pre- and post-processing of data possible

B2B Reporting Analytics

  • Dynamic and customizable reports to help track the business
  • Smart dashboards to show data processing details

Audit Tracking

  • Enhanced audit tracking with end-to-end audit tracking capability
  • Reprocessing capability after fixing the errors

Unique Pricing: Pay-Per-Use

  • Distinct pricing models as per customer need
  • Transaction/unit based pricing for ongoing support


Cognizant Cloud Integration Brokerage Solution Overview

Cognizant Cloud Integration Brokerage is a holistic solution providing B2B managed services with in-built scalable infrastructure on the cloud.

Cognizant Cloud Integration Brokerage | Cognizant Technology Solutions