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Digital transformation with Industry 5.0

Deliver value outcomes in life sciences manufacturing

Life sciences manufacturing is a continuously evolving industry. In the industry for over 20 years, Cognizant understands the needs and requirements of this changing landscape. With clients by its side, Cognizant is driving technology to deliver value outcomes and improved patient health.

IT-OT convergence, advanced analytics and AI, powered by a “Connected by Intent” mindset

IT-OT convergence, advanced data analytics and AI technologies are giving biopharma manufacturers the insights to launch and make GMP compliant medicine at an accelerated pace.

OT Cyber security: Ensuring business resiliency in life sciences manufacturing 4.0

In this whitepaper we discus how cyber - resiliency programs help manufacturing companies to respond to and recover from cyber attacks, while minimising the impact on the core business processes.

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Why life sciences need shared data

To develop new treatments quickly and cost effectively, life sciences firms need a better way to share vital data, both inside and outside the organization.

Data infrastructure excellence changing biopharma manufacturing

Every step of the biopharmaceutical process generates data. Capturing and centralizing that data can help the industry create and deliver medicines and treatments more quickly and efficiently.

The path to perfect pharmaceutical batch quality prediction

Businesses within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector must continuously ensure batch quality is maintained at the highest standards.

An accessible digital experience: not just a checklist item

While businesses are certainly accustomed to providing digitally accessible experiences to their employees and end users, their focus is often on satisfying the minimum regulatory requirements.

Get the most out of generative AI


Industry experience makes a difference

We solve the life sciences industry’s biggest challenges. We are ready for yours.

Working with GSK and Amref to improve health outcomes

See how Cognizant helped Amref and GSK to extract value from their data and delivery public health initiatives more effectively.

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Siemens transforms CX globally

See how Cognizant helped Siemens to transform their CX globally to deliver a modern, uniform experience with the highest level of service.

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Virtual AI clinician diagnoses symptoms with 98% accuracy

Learn how Cognizant’s global AI and Analytics team helped a national healthcare agency develop a virtual clinician who could listen to patients describe symptoms and advise patients on next steps.

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