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Analytics at your fingertips



Analytics requirements today vary by organization maturity and the skills of users. Cognizant BigDecisions takes a hybrid approach to analytics—enabling both analytics democratization and providing the necessary tools, Interactive Analytics workbench and Data Discovery & Visualization workbench, for data scientists to solve complex problems.

As organizations grow and mature we see increasing need for both business function areas and users to share information. BigDecisions Data Bazar helps by promoting collaboration and reducing redundancies. Data Bazar provides the opportunity to share data assets and promotes reusability of code.


Data Discovery and Visualization workbench enables self-service data discovery and visualization on any enterprise data asset without dependency on a semantic layer.

  • Self-service UI driven data discovery and exploration:
    • Enables seamless data discovery on any data store—relational, NoSQL or Hadoop.
    • Enables ad-hoc exploratory analysis without dependency on semantic layer(s).
    • Drag-and-drop interface for visualization.
    • User workspace with ability to save user queries and visualizations.
  • Enables collaboration across enterprise users with ability to share data exploration queries and visualizations.
  • Self-service subsets of data into analytical sandboxes for exploratory analysis.
  • Built-in governance including role-based access control, logging and auditing.

Analytical Sandbox Management workbench provides an isolated environment for data scientists to perform data discovery and interactive analytics on the BigDecisions platform for a specific duration of time on the active data to reduce onboarding process.


Governed, time-boxed, analytical sandbox provisioning for data scientists to rapidly onboard newer data for faster insights.

  • Workflow-driven process with easy request and approval for a sandbox in any of the relational/non-relational databases.
  • Data scientist can govern the environment (sandbox) to extend validity or terminate the procedure.
  • Enables the data scientist to perform various functions on the data in this environment.
  • Reduces dependency on IT for faster provisioning of environment and data.
  • Manual effort savings, in time and resources, due to automation.

The BigDecisions Analytics workbench maps the steps involved in a typical “day in the life” of a data scientist and provides the capabilities and features to bring different components together to delivering a complete analytical system. This includes data onboarding, wrangling (blending and preparing), applying analytical algorithms, creating new algorithms and managing the lifecycle of the predictive models.

The Analytics workbench includes an easy-to-use interface that enables a data scientist to clean the data, prepare it, build models and run predictions on the model to derive insights from data that was generated in the integrated sandbox environment.


Takes raw data to insights within hours using advanced prebuilt algorithms, making model building faster and more efficient for data scientists.

  • Enables exploratory statistical analysis of datasets.
  • Includes a library of prebuilt algorithms for analytical exploration.
  • Graphical designer for building data analysis pipelines which is useful for:
    • Data preparation
    • Algorithms for analytical exploration—prebuilt or user-defined
    • Analytical models for predictive analytics
    • Custom user-defined scripts for data processing
  • Integrated inline editor for custom scripting or model development.
  • Includes an integrated Zeppelin Notebook.

Collaboration across business functions and organizations is extremely important and Cognizant BigDecisions Data Bazar helps promote collaboration and reduce redundancies. Data Bazar provides the opportunity to share data assets and promote reusability.

This workbench enables users to upload, download, search and view assets through a centralized repository for users to share their assets within BigDecisions.


The main features of BigDecisions Data Bazar are:

  • Ability to configure asset types for organizing assets.
  • One-click publishing for predefined asset types on the platform.
  • Guided browsing with taxonomy-based organization of assets in the marketplace.
  • Advanced search capabilities based on search tags, taxonomy or other dimensions.
  • Collaboration engine enables access to published assets, governed by approval workflows:
    • Read-access to published assets including datasets
    • Copy assets to requester’s workspace—for datasets, analytical models and user queries
    • Share asset via email or other offline access mechanisms
  • Ability to capture user feedback with ratings and comments.
  • Subscription feature notifies users of new assets being published.


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