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When technologies change, so do consumer preferences. By surfacing critical insight from multiple sources into a single view, Cognizant's Behavioral BI helps your executives achieve their objectives effectively.

Cognizant’s transformational concept, Behavioral Business Intelligence, addresses four key problem areas by improving the experience at all BI-user interaction points. Behavioral BI takes technology & service-enablement to the next frontier by impacting ‘end-user experience’ and molding itself to individual decision-making behaviors.


Collaborative environment

Metadata and BI artifacts integrated with web and mobile devices improve digital information sharing through virtual collaboration.

BI personalization

Behavioral BI caters to the changing decision-making behavior of individual business users by role and usage.

'Zero entropy’ information delivery

The solution provides a seamless user-experience by decoupling the presentation layer from the BI infrastructure and thus delivering a single view for users across the value chain, enabling insights in a multi-tool multi-BU environment.

BI transparency

BBI provides information and its related metadata in the same view, thereby encouraging the user's trust in the information.

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