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Bringing together use cases and solutions to leverage the full potential of IoT

In order to stay competitive and future-proof your business will benefit when launching IoT solutions. Cognizant can unburden your IT team, increase efficiency and agility, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase security. And most importantly, drive your earnings up. Benefit from our strategic partnerships with cloud, data and hardware providers. 


How industrial IoT is transforming manufacturing

It’s not easy to do IoT right. But it’s harder still to engage your organization in an IoT program of disruptive change to new levels expected with industry 4.0 strategies.


5G & IoT are ushering in the future with intelligent connectivity

As 5G, AI and IoT inflict massive change in the global mobile industry, these advancements are helping the industry meet the new expectations of the digital economy.

Take IoT to the next level

Grundfos digitally transformed itself with IoT

The business transformation at Grundfos involves moving from selling pumps to distributors to selling end customers value-added services based on IoT-connected pumps and all the data they create as a byproduct.

IoT: powering the future of business and improving everyday life

IoT at scale is a critical path, but many companies struggle to realize value. See how 10 companies are overcoming these challenges.

Internet of things enables smarter oil field operations

The client, a leading oil field services provider, sought to significantly reduce the costs associated with pumping oil.

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