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Anticipate and adapt rapidly to market changes

AI is a powerful solution to keep pace with perpetual changes in customer preferences and market circumstances. 

It’s about unified customer journeys that drive brand loyalty and unleash the highest lifetime value.

Gregory Verlinden
Associate Vice-President for Artificial Intelligence and
Analytics in Benelux, Cognizant


The true meaning of AI: Action & insight

Here's how businesses around the world are using AI to power business success, based on our Work Ahead research.

Action & insight


Treat customers as individuals

By combining technology, customer data and AI, an experience operating system enables businesses to deliver personalized experiences at speed and scale.

Action & insight

How AI can take you to the next level

How AI can optimize CX

Each customer experience is defined by individual interactions along the customer journey. AI can be used to determine how these touchpoints can be optimized based on customer preferences.

Conversational AI is improving the user experience

Real-world solutions from the front lines: Businesses are using AI to improve customer interactions, enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and increase revenue.

AI powered virtual assistant increases user satisfaction

Implementing an AI-powered VA enabled our customer to enhance the end-user experience and increase productivity with faster issue resolution.

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