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Powering Next-Generation Storage Solutions with AWS


The need to adapt to continuously changing digital business models is a key challenge faced by every organization. Of equal importance are the data explosions that demand perpetually scalable storage infrastructure. 

AWS Storage is an obvious choice as it provides a variety of services catering to many storage architecture variants. Cognizant has developed a multitude of storage architectures with AWS Storage as the landing zone partnering with top storage providers. Integrating these solutions into Cognizant’s managed services framework, powered by Cloud360, provides a comprehensive platform for end-to-end monitoring and management. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from five storage variants as below.


Primary Storage

Cognizant’s reference architectures for primary storage or active data include a variety of options that integrate a choice of partner’s physical/virtual storage appliances, storage gateways and tools leveraging AWS’ storage services.

Data Protection Solutions

Our backup and recovery reference architectures leverage the rich partner ecosystem to transform complex backup environments. This significantly reduces costs and efforts, and greatly increases reliability and flexibility. Further, we boost these solutions with performance accelerators such as deduplication, compression etc., and include encryption for security and compliance requirements.

Data Archival Solutions

By extending and customizing the data protection reference architectures, Cognizant’s data archival solutions exploit AWS’s cost‑effective, yet highly durable storage services, such as S3‑IA and Glacier. A combination of AWS’s services and the cutting‑edge solutions from our partners integrated together, provide compelling benefits.

Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) Solutions

Cognizant’s innovative reference architectures integrate a variety of partner solutions to AWS services leveraging accelerators such as WAN optimizers, caching appliances, etc. Constraints such as of latency, low bandwidth, sustained application performance, mobility requirements, centralized management, etc., are factored in while architecting the ROBO solutions.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Cognizant carefully chooses various niche tools from different partners and integrates them to provide comprehensive visibility, which includes critical parameters such as RPO, RTO and health of infrastructure for an effective BCDR solution. Cognizant’s BCDR reference architectures are robust end‑to‑end solutions that allow organizations seamlessly to switch over to and from the DR site.


“Thank you for assisting us with the design and implementation of our backup and recovery solution on AWS with Druva across our global locations. We are seeing around 45% of data de-duplication. We are reaping benefits from the centralized management such as reporting and reduced administration effort. We are appreciative of the efforts of Cognizant in supporting us in this endeavor to enhance our operations.”

– John Craven, Sr. IT Manager, Patheon

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