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The future of insurance is uncertain, navigate with ease.

Insurance leaders need to closely monitor disruptive trends and look for new ways to be agile, efficient, and relevant throughout the value chain.  

Today’s insurance landscape is incredibly complex. Adding process inefficiencies and complexity to regulatory and market uncertainty is a recipe for difficult business conditions.

Today’s customers, employees and distribution channels expect a seamless and innovative digital experience. We predict that a successful insurance organisation in 2025 will be able to:  

  • Launch product to multiple ANZ regions in under 6 months, 
  • Modify products based on sophisticated market analytics,
  • Easily connect to any ecosystem. 
  • Price and underwrite risk with a minimal amount of manual intervention and a high degree of precision.
  • Pay a claim seamlessly and efficiently while being able to detect and eliminate fraud.

Cognizant designs, develops and implements modern insurance processes across the value chain – with digital and modern platforms at the core – to simplify operations, reduce costs and unlock new age value outcomes. 

With strong engineering capabilities and insurance industry experience, we can help you from end to end and help you navigate your way to success – strategy to scale.

The future of ANZ Insurance


Reimagining next generation injury management for ANZ insurers

With disruptive digital trends setting onto the ANZ healthcare and wellness domain, insurance leaders are looking to advance their business value from injury management capabilities.



A smart and connected ecosystem for faster return to work for insurers

To combat the rising cost of claims and significantly improve customer engagement, disability, personal injury and workers' comp insurers must transform their return to work (RTW) programs with innovative digital technologies and digital health programs that deliver better and faster outcomes as well as operational cost savings.



Engineering the next-gen digital claims organisation for Australian general insurers

Leaders will build on their modernized foundations across the claims landscape, spanning experience, operations, customer service and the overall supply chain with market-differentiating capabilities to achieve sustainable results.


Additional resources


A Digital Way Forward for Australian SME Insurers

The ongoing digitisation of the small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market has only accelerated post COVID-19, opening new opportunities and challenges to established carriers. Winning insurers will need to hyper-personalise their offerings and experiences to attract and retain new and modern SME businesses.



The New Age of Pet Insurance: Barking up the Right Tree

The needs of pet owners present a high-growth opportunity for insurers to create new products and cross-sell existing services. Here’s how insurers can embrace new strategies and align their products, distribution, underwriting, claims and operations to tap into this market.

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Setting Up a Successful Insurance Venture

Precise business and operating model definitions can help insurers spin off ventures that stay ahead of customer needs and market requirements. Here are some lessons we’ve acquired by helping our clients establish winning ventures.


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  • Vinodh Stanley Stephen

    Industry Consulting Lead – Insurance

    Vinodh Stanley Stephen is the Market Lead for ANZ Insurance Consulting. Vinodh has worked with senior insurance executives across North America, Australia, ASEAN, India and Europe. His consulting experience includes business transformation advisory, innovation advisory, customer experience strategy, process transformation, operating model redesign, platform modernization and business case development.

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