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The future of work is inclusive. Cognizant is committed to the training and professional development of its employee's, creating conditions for everyone to thrive. Through our Women Empowered (WE) program we are committed to recruiting and expanding career opportunities for all women across our organization. WE are continuously building a connected community of women across the globe focused on growth, development, and leadership in the technology industry.

Get to know us

Take on new challenges

Mareike Breckwoldt

 Client Relationship Manager, New Zealand

“It is a journey so embrace challenges and keep growing.”

I am sharing my story to encourage women to dive into the exciting realm of IT. Three years ago, I embarked on a new chapter in my career, relocating to New Zealand with five years of experience in IT consulting and marketing. I started as a project manager but the desire for a strategic engagement with clients led me to transition into a sales position last year. 

This shift came with a steep learning curve, but what made it exhilarating was the unwavering support from my manager, colleagues, and the wider leadership team at Cognizant NZ. They created an environment that encouraged me to try out new things, step out of my comfort zone, make mistakes, and learn from them. Over this time, I found the confidence to embrace my new role as a Client Relationship Manager and engage with our clients on diverse topics.

My advice to aspiring women in tech is simple: never stop learning and growing. Embrace new challenges, seek out mentors, advocate for yourself, and don't hesitate to ask for help. Remember, you are not alone – there's a community of women in tech ready to support you. Together, we can break down barriers and create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. 

Balancing work and family life

Siobhan Kerrigan

Head of AgileOps, Practice Lead, Australia

“To adopt to the challenging nature of my work, I find alignment in maintaining a positive balance between work and personal life.”

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, my role extends to overseeing all deals, solutions, and opportunities in Australia that fall within the purview of our Agile-Ops framework. My primary objective is to ensure that our business solutions are meticulously defined, aligning with the best interests of all stakeholders to pave the way for long-term success.

To adopt to the challenging nature of my work, I find alignment in maintaining a positive balance between work and personal life. The enrichment of life spent with my family and friends, immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, serve as the source of energy and inner radiance. Since joining Cognizant, I've been fortunate to be part of a workplace culture that not only values self-growth but also emphasizes the importance of team balance and teamwork.

Beyond the professional realm, I am deeply invested in environmental sustainability. Acknowledging the urgency of addressing climate change, both globally and locally, I am proud to be associated with Cognizant's commitment to ESG responsibility. 

My journey at Cognizant is a symbiosis between personal, passions and professional pursuits. As I continue to lead with honesty and integrity, I remain steadfast in my commitment to contributing to a sustainable and resilient future, both within the tech industry and the broader global community.

Achievements are a great motivator

Varsha Jose Joseph

Engagement Delivery Lead, New Zealand

“My advice to them would be not to flinch from the challenges, but grow by taking chances, making mistakes, and learning from those.”

In my 20 years of IT experience working with multiple global giants, Cognizant has provided the most effective support in my balancing act of being a working mother. Even with a demanding Engagement Delivery Lead (EDL) role for a large New Zealand-based Manufacturing client, I can effortlessly balance the intricacies of both worlds with the support from my team and the flexibility Cognizant offers. Leading a multi-cultural and distributed team across multiple locations and delivering our commitments to our clients is my forte – something I realised and was recognized for by Cognizant. I enjoy managing and motivating teams to deliver high customer satisfaction and as an EDL, I love being at the intersection of business and technology.

I started my career as a software developer and climbed the career ladder with support from my colleagues, mentors, and leaders. Seeking guidance from more experienced colleagues is valuable as it offers multiple perspectives. I have the privilege to collaborate with truly brilliant people on some amazing new technologies. Furthermore, my curiosity, willingness to learn and courage to embrace change have enabled me to master managing risks, seize opportunities, acquire deep self-introspection, and given me the ability to see tasks through to the end. 

Achievements are a great motivator; I have tried to make constructive use of all the opportunities that aligned with my aspirations, which I have worked hard to fulfill. In the recent times, there is an increasing trend of women in IT, and my advice would be not to embrace challenges rather than shying away from them. Grow by taking chances and learning from your mistakes. Lastly, our focus should not be only on our professional growth, we must find time to empower others and do not forget to prioritise personal, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Diversity and inclusion are important

Catherine Tan

Client Partner, Malaysia

“Women in tech play a very fundamental role in this space in closing the gender gap, removing stigmas, and driving innovation.”

The tech industry has evolved dynamically, and we can no longer stay in the same environment as the last 5 years.  The global pandemic has taught us many lessons, which I have embraced in a positive manner.  We see more disruptions, and with the introduction of advanced technology, ‘status quo’ is non-existent.  Women in tech play a very fundamental role in this space in closing the gender gap, removing stigmas, and driving innovation.  

At Cognizant, there is a strong focus on diversity and inclusion and we have been successful with various programs launched by the senior management, which has given me the opportunity to grow and learn. Empowerment is key to quick decision making and improving customer experience.  As a client partner in the banking sector, I regularly meet C-suite executives where I need to make quick decisions to secure our footprint and grow the account.  Cognizant has inspired me to think creatively and explore unconventional ideas, bringing out the best in me. Customers like flexibility that aligns with their business requirements and that’s what I do best. Cognizant has provided the ideal environment for me to thrive and continue to grow in this aspect. Cognizant understands the importance of work-life balance and good mental health and provides a flexible work environment to ensure we can perform at our best.

Create a community of support

Sheng Feng Mok

Director – Consulting, Singapore

“A successful and inspiring female role model in tech encourages more women to advance their careers in the tech world and putting their dream into action.”

A successful and inspiring female role model in tech encourages more women to advance their careers in the tech world and inspires them to put their dream into action.

At Cognizant, I have been the lucky beneficiary of the time investment by our women leaders, each of whom has had a profound and lasting impact on me as a role model. It is motivating to see how they use their own success as examples to create a community of support for more women, providing guidance and mentorship through the sharing of their knowledge and expertise.

Forward-thinking, diverse team

Skye Oong

Customer Relationship Manager, Singapore

“Having a committed mentor and manager at Cognizant has been an exceptional experience.”

Joining Cognizant isn’t just a career move. It’s an opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking, diverse team that embraces challenges and celebrates success together. 

At Cognizant, I’ve found more than just a workplace. It’s a vibrant community where innovation thrives. 

The company provides a collaborative and dynamic working culture. We, as employees, often engage in teamwork, innovation, and continuous learning. The company promotes equal opportunities and strives for a diverse workforce, recognizing the benefits of different backgrounds and experiences.

Effective communication is essential for individual and team success as it helps reduce misunderstanding, improve productivity, and develop strong relationships.

Having a committed mentor and manager at Cognizant has been an exceptional experience. His leadership style is a perfect blend of guidance and empowerment. The transparent exchange of ideas fosters collaboration, empowers team members, and ensures everyone’s voice is heard. This environment enhances productivity and creates a sense of unity, making our workplace exceptional.

I’m grateful for a mentor who not only leads by example but also invests in the success of others. Working within the team is an enriching experience that continues to shape my career positively!

Helping client succeed

Nureen Martison

Customer Relationship Manager, Malaysia

“It really helps empower us, especially as women, to have the freedom to manage both work and personal matters effectively.”

At Cognizant, we are focusing on becoming a global professional services company to help clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world. ‘Helping clients succeed’ is the motto I always goes by. Hardwiring this into my principle, strengthens the way I ‘sell’ Cognizant to the client, and they love the sincerity of us genuinely trying to help them succeed. This helps build trust with the client and long-lasting relationship that wins us more deals. 

I am very impressed with the working culture and the warmth of the welcome that was extended to me from the Cognizant team. And it goes beyond just gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. We are considered as one here and it really shows by how we treat each other. The flexibility that is practiced here is beyond any other companies I have worked with before. It really helps empower us, especially as women, to have the freedom to manage both work and personal matters effectively. This really helps me perform better because as a woman, having to be able to have a peace of mind being able to manage the work and home at the same time allows me to better focus on work without worrying my responsibility as a mother not being fulfilled. That really helps in motivating me to work better.

Leading for equity

Deepa Nandan

Engagement Delivery Lead, Australia

“Strong women leaders bring opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion.”

I joined Cognizant in 2019 after a successful career in IT, and I was amazed by the opportunities and support I received from this company. I had great mentors who guided me, challenged me, and helped me grow professionally and personally. They also helped me overcome some of the barriers that I faced as a woman in the IT industry.

One of the things that I love about Cognizant is its values, which align with my own. One of them is ‘Create conditions for everyone to thrive’. This value is not just a slogan, but a reality that I have experienced and witnessed. I have seen how Cognizant supports its employees in different situations, such as returning from maternity leave, coping with personal losses, or pursuing their passions. Cognizant creates a culture of trust, compassion, and excellence, which reflects in our work with our clients. The emphasis on the values of diversity, inclusion, and equity, is shown through the various trainings and resources to help us develop our skills and careers.

Cognizant also encourages us to give back to the society and make a positive impact. I am proud to have been involved in Women Empowered initiatives in collaboration with UTS, where I mentor young women who aspire to join the IT industry. This is one of the ways I can contribute to the future generations and promote equity. Cognizant offers so many avenues to explore and pursue what we love, and I am grateful to be part of this amazing organisation.

Embracing diversity: Navigating our journey

Through our Cognizant Women Empowered (WE) network and strategic partnerships with Work180 and Girls in Tech, we work to promote, raise awareness , and enhance the contributions of women in the tech industry in the Australian market. We walk the talk with measurable initiatives – Mentorship & Sponsorship Programs, Bias Trainings, and our Role Model Campaigns.

Our Mentorship Programs & Strategic Partnerships

We support women to succeed at our company. As part of our WE Program, our female employees can choose mentors to help them maximize their potential, deepen their knowledge, and plan their career. Opportunities to externally promote their skill, knowledge, and expertise are also available through our strategic partners – WORK180 and Girls in Tech

Our Propel Program & Bias Training

Our signature Propel women’s leadership development program for mid- and senior-level women leaders across the globe accelerates a diverse leadership pipeline and enables women leaders to thrive and succeed in a digital era. Our Bias Trainings for all leaders creates an inclusive culture by helping our leaders understand and counteract unconscious biases.

Our Role Models

We are proud of our female employees – that's why we would like to introduce some of them: Who are they? What do they do? What is important to them? What are they passionate about? What do they believe in?


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