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We offer the expertise, partnership, experience, frameworks, tools and accelerators for SAP users to move to the cloud


Cloud computing is a top priority among CIOs worldwide, for good reason. The cloud provides rapid access to leading technology solutions at little or no capital expense. As a result, IT organizations are eager to adopt cloud strategies to achieve cost savings, flexibility, scalability, speed and other critical business objectives.

If you are an SAP user, deploying SAP on the cloud can transform your SAP landscape into an agile, cost-efficient, scalable system, enabling your organization to run better, respond faster to changing market conditions and take advantage of new technologies and business models.

However, hosting SAP solutions on the cloud can present its own set of challenges, from building a business case and defining the roadmap, to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. As an elite, certified SAP Global Solutions Integrator, Cognizant offers the expertise, partnership, experience, frameworks, tools and accelerators you need to overcome these challenges.

Our understanding of large databases, network connectivity, downtime minimization and other factors related to migrating SAP to the cloud can accelerate your return on investment and minimize down time. We achieve this by applying our best-in-class Cognizant Cloud Assessment and Transformation (cCAT) Framework to your unique requirements.




Cognizant’s SAP Cloud Hosting Service Snapshot

At a high level, Cognizant’s experience in SAP cloud hosting includes consulting, infrastructure services, architecting and executing SAP cloud migration and technical operations, all offered in a consumption- based pricing model. Our SAP cloud hosting services portfolio includes:

Consulting for SAP Cloud

  • SAP Cloud assessment and trusted advisory
  • Landscape sizing and planning for SAP on cloud
  • Architecture for SAP cloud hosting

Cloud infrastructure services

  • On-demand infrastructure provisioning
  • Usage-based pricing for cloud infrastructure
  • SID/catalogue and capacity-based pricing

SAP Migration and Operations

  • SAP installation and migration on cloud
  • Deployment of HA and DR solutions on the cloud
  • Technical operations of SAP systems on cloud

Since our first SAP hosting project went live on Azure cloud in January 2015, we have extended our experience and knowledge base by completing multiple, high-profile SAP engagements. Our track record includes SAP Cloud Hosting, SAP HANA and SAP ASE Adoption projects, all demonstrating the value we bring to both SAP and our customers.

SAP Cloud Assessment Workshop for Customers

  • Three to four day  cloud assessment workshop at customer’s location by Microsoft and Cognizant together
  • Review and assess the current SAP Landscape
  • Discover how Microsoft cloud technologies and Cognizant’s SAP migration and operations expertise  can best help modernize customer’s SAP/LOB systems


SAP Cloud Migration Use Cases

  • Rapid Provisioning of SAP Systems
  • Consumption-Based Pricing Model
  • Flexibility & Portability of Infrastructure
  • High Availability Solution 


Cognizant-Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft strategic partner, Cognizant has the consulting skills and experience to help customers make the journey to the cloud. 

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With five SAP certifications to our credit, we have earned SAP's exclusive Global Solutions Integrator status, offering atleast one of SAP's Outsourcing Partner Certifications.

  • Cognizant is one of only two Global SAP Outsourcing Providers covering five certifications
  • Cognizant is the only SAP Certified Global Infrastructure Operations Services Provider


SAP Landscape Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud for a Consumer Goods Company


The customer, a manufacturer of consumer goods, wanted to migrate SAP applications from incumbent hosting provider to public cloud; thereby aiming to reduce operational cost and improve agility in adopting new SAP technologies.


We leveraged our cCAT Framework to develop a combined upgrade and migration program to Microsoft Azure with latest versions of the SAP applications.


Leveraged third party solutions

including IBM’s Aspera for faster file transfers and SIOS data keeper for setting up HA for SAP in Azure

Performed several analysis

on best practices adoption on Microsoft Azure in terms of Storage Design, Memory Utilization and VM Types

Provided huge flexibility

with Pay as You Use model in Target Azure Landscape

Implemented upgrade

to latest SAP versions; helping business to take up new enhancements and adopt mobility


SAP on Cloud—Migration of SAP BPC to Microsoft Azure


The customer, a leading food and beverage company with worldwide presence, wanted to upgrade and migrate their existing SAP BPC 7.5 MS running on MSSQL 2008 (on-premise) to SAP BPC 10.1 MS on MSSQL 2014 in Azure Cloud. The aim was to move to an agile, scalable, cloud-based platform for improved quality of operations targeting 500+ end users.


We leveraged Cognizant’s SAP cloud assessment and transformation framework to design and architect the migration & upgrade of SAP BPC  systems to cloud. This resulted in 1.6x times faster reports processing time post migration.


Performed technical upgrade

and phased migration approach leading to minimum disruption to BAU

Designed intuitive dashboard 

for performance monitoring

Managed coordination 

with various program stakeholders (including IT Solution Architects, Infrastructure and OS Support Teams)

Improved data security & compliance 

by implementing TDE at database level in cloud platform


Middle Eastern logistics company consolidates hardware and virtualizes SAP landscape


A leading Middle Eastern logistics company wanted to consolidate its hardware and virtualize its SAP landscape for improved performance of SAP systems. It wanted optimal performance of the new migrated virtualized platform in Microsoft Azure.


We leveraged our cCAT framework to identify best migration methodologies and performed technical migration of the SAP systems.


Improved performance

of SAP systems

Reduction in maintenance costs

for non-critical systems due to consumption-based payment


in operational expenditure


in cost savings resulting from SAP migration on Azure Cloud


Multiple SAP data center consolidation to private cloud at Nordic consumer goods company


A $5.2-billion Nordic consumer goods company was running its SAP infrastructure on traditional hardware in disparate legacy data centers not built for high availability or disaster recovery scenarios.


We developed a solution-focused on data center consolidation, a phased migration approach and a rigid disaster recovery strategy. We migrated SAP servers from multiple legacy domains to a global domain.


Improved performance

of SAP systems

Highly scalable

infrastructure and also reduction in overall IT management costs

Unified single

downtime ensuring data transfer between systems like ERP and Business Warehouse

High utilization

of available computing resources


latency issues

Significant cost

savings due to IT consolidation


Publishing company boosts SAP performance, achieves savings


A $4.9-billion leading UK-based publishing company had multiple SAP landscapes spread across its organization. It wanted to improve its SAP system performance.


We suggested migration methodologies based on our cCAT framework and applied best practices solutions methodology on Physical-to-Virtual data center migration.


Rapidly scalable

solution due to virtualized platform in private cloud

Hardware maintenance

annual savings of $200,000 per year


availability of target production systems with Oracle Active Data Guard (primary and stand-by)

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