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Make faster and more informed business decisions


Our real-time analytics—coupled with SAP-driven business processes—help our customers make faster, accurate and more informed business decisions.

Organizations use business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools to empower business users with unprecedented customer and operational intelligence. More than ever, firms need to turn the data deluge streaming through their networks into insight that can be used to provide pleasing customer experiences while improving operations and reducing costs. It is time to run better, run different and run with Cognizant SAP Analytics.

Cognizant has a dedicated SAP analytics practice that supports SAP in-memory analytics, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), information management, big data and predictive analysis, enterprise BI and agile visualization. Our Application Value Management centers of excellence offer solutions across the entire SAP BI and digital analytics services spectrum.


In-Memory Analytics:

  • HANA Data Marts and BOBJ/Lumira
  • HANA Side Car and BOBJ/Lumira
  • HANA Live Transactional Analytics

SAP Big Data:

  • Data Orchestration
  • HANA Data Platform - (HANA/Sybase IQ/Hadoop/”R” integration)
  • Predictive Analytics
  • M2M and Customer Behavior Solutions and Use Cases

SAP Enterprise Data Warehousing:

  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on any database
  • SAP BW on HANA
  • SAP BW NLS Archival on Sybase IQ

Enterprise BI and Agile Visualization:

  • SAP BOBJ 4.1 Suite
  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Design Studio
  • SAP Predictive Analysis and KXEN Infinite Insight

Information Management:

  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward
  • Data Migration
  • Data Quality

SAP Managed and Upgrade Services:

  • SAP BI Run Management
  • Environment Optimization
  • ITIL Aligned


With a dedicated focus on innovation, Cognizant brings years of experience adding value to the customer through our in-house frameworks, tools and accelerators. Below is a snapshot of some of the key tools which have been leveraged to minimize efforts, nullify risks and increase quality assurance.

Cognizant actively participates in the partner ecosystem around SAP BI offerings. Cognizant has also partnered with SAP, Amazon Web Services, Horton Works and Hitachi for next-generation analytics product and capability formulation. We leverage our world class Global Innovation Center for SAP, which is the hub of SAP solutions in Cognizant. The center concentrates on development of industry solutions targeted at the whitespaces identified by SAP as well as development of prototypes and proofs of concept for customer scenarios in the BI and analytics space.


Largest, fast moving consumer goods distributor in the Gulf utilizes on-the-go and real-time sales and inventory reporting


A large consumer goods distributor in the Gulf faced issues in decision making from a lack of real-time data, slower system performance during month-end closing and inaccurate forecasting. The firm wanted a one-touch business view of its critical business segments.


We implemented an integrated HANA-based solution based on industry best practices for real-time operational reporting and delivered mobile-enabled Web reports and dashboards for executive management.


12X faster

daily report run-time with key inventory reports run-time reduced from 2 minutes to less than 10 seconds

60% increase

in user BI adoption through mobility enabling an on-the-go culture

Optimum stock

maintenance across business units with exponential savings in cost

Complete inventory

operations across three countries now managed at the touch of an iPad, which provides operational excellence


alerts on stock replenishment


U.S.-based innovative engineering company improves customer insight


A $32-billion U.S.-based engineering company handled BI requirements through dashboards and web application design reports that led to a lack of self-service capabilities and engaging visualizations. The client wanted to move towards more intuitive web-based reporting to increase user satisfaction and drive faster insights into business data.


We employed a rapid prototyping approach by creating wireframes for quick wins. Our Agile Development methodology resulted in short development cycles and faster time to market.



on-device, on-premise delivery of BI

Increased levels of BI

usage and adoption by users

Insights on big picture

as well as granular level in a single view for top management

Significant improvement

in reporting performance


Leading paint and chemical producer gains single version of truth


A €14.3-billion leading paint and chemical producer was unable to view a single version of truth in its reporting and lacked concise reporting for top management, which affected the decision-making process.


We developed a scalable reporting solution that addressed the complex reporting needs across the organization and provided standardized reports. We recommended and implemented web reports and Dashboard 4.0 that allowed for slice and dice and drill down options for analysis.


A single version of truth

presented in a crisp, visually appealing and easily decipherable form

Standardized enterprise

reporting process with single SAP Business Objects reporting solution


reusability of reports


BI system landscape

Reduced Total

Cost of Ownership


Leading multinational food and beverage firm rationalizes inventory reporting


A $66-billion, U.S.-based leading multinational food and beverage firm wanted to rationalize its report inventory and report bucketing. The client’s business functions were not able to visualize a consistent transaction view.


We carried out an assessment for rationalizing the to-be-migrated inventory and leveraged Factory Model for iterative migration. We equipped the client’s end users with our in-house tools to perform purging and archiving.


Optimized Business

Objects environment utilization through elimination of duplicate and trivial inventories


with what-if analysis to help quantify data quality issues

Drill down-reporting

for detailed analysis


Enterprise data integration at British multinational gas and electricity supplier


A £ 29-billion supplier of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the UK had disparate systems, leading to inefficient decision making and higher cost of maintenance. The firm wanted an integrated view of its business domain to roll out new services to its customers.


We conducted a global profiling exercise to identify de-duplication across different systems and developed a single customer view solution for both gas and electricity domains.


95% improvement

in data quality through mitigation of issues such as incorrect addresses, misalignments and incorrect metering

Single customer

view solution for both gas and electricity domains

35% reduction

in maintenance costs

Improved address

standardization procedures

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