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Gain insight into your students' risk profile and boost your institution's retention rates through preventative comprehensive interventions.

More than 25 U.S. states have moved to performance-based funding models. Educational institutions have never been under more pressure to improve student success rates. Cognizant is using Oracle solutions and industry best practices to help institutions transform to an improved model. This approach utilizes predictive analytics to help you identify at-risk students and incorporate multiple data sources to consider student success factors.


Predictive Analytics

StudentVantage™ leverages a statistically derived predictive analytics model which is built using specific parameters drawn from your institution data to gain insight into students who are at risk and more significantly, understand why they are at risk. Universities can also assess programs and courses for overall risk levels.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Summary dashboard represents the findings of predictive analytics in the form of intuitive graphs presenting an articulate picture. Risk factors at multiple levels including Program, Course and Student are calculated. Moreover, universities can gain an insight into the underlying reasons for these risk factors, making risk mitigation efforts a much simpler and effective task.


This approach works with universities to identify their support systems and propose intervention techniques to remove barriers to success. The early alert system signals faculty, coaches and staff and indicates where intervention is needed, to align the response. This exclusive approach to case management ensures that each learner’s unique needs are addressed. Multiple communication channels ensure that interventions are effective and are leveraged by staff and student alike.


StudentVantage™ also aims to determine parameters which can measure the effectiveness of the intervention deployed to help the student. It drives universities to focus and refine their actions undertaken to increase student engagement and consequently, graduation rates.


Cognizant’s StudentVantage™ Solution helps institutions achieve their institutional goals.

Cognizant StudentVantage™ Overview

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