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Enhance your guest dining experience and improve the efficiency of back-office operations.

In the restaurant industry, operational efficiency is of paramount importance. Yet at many restaurants, managers are bogged down by back office operations such as scheduling employees, placing orders, checking inventories, monitoring productivity and safety compliance.

PlanRightTM, from Cognizant, is a forecasting and planning solution that rethinks restaurant operations. PlanRightTM integrates data from ERP and point-of-sale systems to more accurately drive forecasting and planning. It helps organizations support inventory planning, reduce wastage, increase productivity and more.


Robust Forecasting and Flexible Planning

Restaurant planning is complex and involves challenges such as defining the menu, managing shelf life for raw ingredients, variable guest traffic, labor scheduling and inventory management.

Cognizant PlanRightTM enables restaurant managers to set up the menu system and utilize industry‑standard benchmarks to build a highly accurate inventory and sales forecast. The forecast is flexible enough to incorporate the sales impact of special events (such as Super Bowl day in the U.S., for example) or other regular events like holidays. The forecasting model can be customized by the restaurant manager according to their discretion.

Once finalized, the forecast provides a planning schedule for the restaurant and kitchen managers to plan the inventory of raw ingredients and schedule labor according to the expected spikes and dips in demand.

Restaurant planning is complex and involves challenges such as defining the menu, managing shelf life for raw ingredients, variable guest traffic, labor scheduling and inventory management.

Built‑in Analytics for Informed Decision Making

Cognizant PlanRightTM provides built‑in reports and analytics specific to the different sets of users in a restaurant organization, including the restaurant manager, kitchen supervisor, regional manager, corporate planner and more. The solution measures restaurant‑specific key performance indicators (KPIs) such as actual vs. theoretical (AvT) variance, forecast accuracy, wastage management and unplanned purchases fill rate. Other reports are included as well, such as sales, prep‑item, raw materials and inventory.

PlanRightTM provides dashboards covering sales trends, prep-item based metrics such as the highest prepped quantity and event‑based metrics (e.g., actual sales impact vs. projected sales impact). The reports can also deliver channel‑specific information such as “dine‑in”, “drive‑through”, and “take out”. Restaurants can also define their own channels and obtain information accordingly.

Cognizant PlanRight
Cognizant PlanRight
Cognizant PlanRight

All parameters are customizable for different user groups and follow hierarchy while rolling up different restaurants and geographies. Altogether, the reports and analytics help managers identify consumption patterns and provide better planning to make timely, informed decisions.

Improved Inventory Visibility for Operational Efficiency

PlanRightTM's dashboard provides an integrated view of sales forecasts, prep item requirements and raw material replenishment planning. These plans can be refined periodically to ensure elimination of shortages, waste and overstock.

Based on historical inventory levels, the required inventory levels for each raw material is determined to drive smart ordering. The Operations module in PlanRightTM allows the user to perform inventory transactions, define inventory relationships, raise order requisitions and manage item structures through page flows that simplify these transactions to the end user. These transactions are interfaced to an existing inventory and purchasing application. This allows for easier end-user training and adoption of the application by restaurant users.

Out-of-Box Adapters 

PlanRightTM comes with pre‑built adapters that can be used to integrate with any point of sale (POS) or ERP system including Oracle Fusion Applications and E‑Business Suite. These adapters aid in aggregation of all necessary data from sales, inventory and purchasing systems to create highly reliable forecasts and plans.



With Cognizant’s PlanRightTM, restaurant managers gain improved visibility into operations and can make more informed decisions when forecasting and planning.

Cognizant PlanRightTM Overview

PlanRightTM is carefully crafted for the restaurant industry, enabling restaurant chains to optimize their performance. Download the overview to get a list of features and benefits we provide to the restaurant sector.

Cognizant’s PlanRightTM Video

This video describes PlanRightTM, the forecasting and planning solution for restaurant chains. Learn how PlanRightTM helps managers forecast sales, minimize waste and prevent excessive labor costs for each restaurant.

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