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Industry Digital DNA

We help industry verticals become more efficient, maximize value and improve return on investment


Every industry is under constant pressure to drive innovation and adapt to change. We’re competing in an era marked by intense competition and a complex, uncertain environment that’s driven by technological disruptions and shifting economic conditions.

Cognizant’s Oracle Practice has successfully implemented solutions for customers worldwide, across various industries. Our skilled team possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise that enables us to offer our customers highly customized, industry proven solutions for their most challenging problems, setting them on the path to accelerated growth. 


Banking and Financial Services 

Our tailored solutions help banking and financial institutions manage risk and improve efficiency to better serve customers.Learn more


We help insurance companies expand their scope of business and increase operational efficiency through our emerging solutions.Learn more


We offer comprehensive, integrated solutions to address the complexity of the changing technology industry landscape and keep pace with customers’ expectations.Learn more

Communications, Information, Media and Entertainment

Our end-to-end solutions for communications, information and media organizations help them maximize the value of digital advancements. Learn more

Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities

Cognizant helps manufacturing, logistics, energy and utilities organizations streamline operations and drive innovation across the value chains. Learn more

Life Sciences & Healthcare

We help life sciences and healthcare companies deliver better value to their customers though solutions that fuel innovation while reducing the cost and complexity of operations.Learn more

Retail and Consumer Goods

Our solutions for retail and consumer goods customers help them leverage the benefits arising from emerging trends and opportunities such as digital technology. Learn more

Travel & Hospitality

Our solutions for the travel and hospitality industry helps businesses improve customer experience, deploy innovative services in the market and improve overall productivity. Learn more

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