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Run a hassle-free SAP environment


Today’s business priorities cannot be met with 20-year-old perceptions of monolithic, inflexible systems and prolonged waterfall-driven innovation cycles. In a fast-moving and volatile business environment, enterprises must reimagine their business models to respond faster to market dynamics. With SAP S/4HANA, enterprises can future-proof their backbone to become agile, flexible and scalable. It is critical, however, to do it right the first time. An automated and intelligent testing approach is the key to success.


Our Intelligent ERP Modernization delivers a comprehensive, risk-mitigated solution to build a future-proof intelligent core, enabled by a robust cloud strategy, ensuring first-time right quality.


  • Intelligent Enterprise Platform
    Our platform contains enhanced S/4HANA best practice industry templates powered by robotic process automation, smart artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs). It is optimized to accelerate S/4HANA implementations on any private or public cloud.

  • Quality Assurance services
    Our automated and standardized testing framework has a prebuilt test suite for first-time right quality and risk-free S/4HANA migration.

  • Cognizant® SmartMove S/4HANA Conversion Factory
    Our industry-proven and SAP-certified Conversion Factory helps enterprises move to S/4HANA faster. In combination with Cognizant’s Cloud Migration Factory, clients can move from on-premises legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to the latest S/4HANA release powered by hyperscalers in one step.


ASSESS: Define your strategy and business. We perform an impact analysis of S/4HANA adoption on the current ERP and integrated application landscape, define roadmap options, and identify business cases, value drivers and transformation opportunities.


TEST DRIVE: Conduct a risk-mitigated proof-of-concept conversion prior to the actual conversion, including functional and representative code remediation.


BUILD YOUR FUTURE: Move to S/4HANA with our agile factory, powered by RPA tools and quality gates.


INNOVATE: Enable quick wins that improve the business impact with Cognizant’s Intelligent Enterprise Platform, which leverages AI/ML, built-in industry solutions, best practices, analytics and KPIs.


Multiple conversion package options

Tailor-made basis numbers, including users (up to 1,500), database size (up to 2TB) and customer objects (up to 1,000), across multiple package options support each client’s unique requirements and scale.

Value-added services ensure best-in-class processes

  • Define the business case for and roadmap to your S/4HANA journey using our proprietary consulting and value extraction frameworks

  • Leverage managed services to reduce hosting costs

  • Achieve cloud migration from your current landscape to AWS, Azure, HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) or GCP with a tested, proven methodology

  • Move to S/4HANA Cloud Extended

  • Accelerate testing using prebuilt test packs and automation


Providing end-to-end solutions for core modernization


Expertise: A trusted partner, Cognizant has been helping businesses strategize and migrate to SAP S/4HANA since the product first launched in 2015.


Trusted advisor to customers: Our focused, industry best practices led programs are delivered on time and according to the original roadmap, which improves customer satisfaction. Clients rate us highly on overall satisfaction, thought leadership, testing methodologies, agile/DevOps capabilities, functional skills and innovation.


Recommended by analysts: We are recognized as leader in S/4HANA-driven transformation and quality assurance by Gartner, ISG, Nelson Hall and Everest Group, among other analysts.


Partnership: Cognizant is global partner of SAP. We are also a Global Strategic Service Partner for Intelligent ERP, SAP MOVE, the S/4HANA Beta program and the SAP Model Company. In addition, our partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other strategic partners, help us provide end-to-end solutions for any core modernization strategy. Our partnership with Tricentis, SAP’s strategic testing tools partner, allows us to embed its automation solutions in our quality assurance proposition to accelerate S/4HANA migration and implementation journeys.


SAP Factory Qualification: We build best-in-class processes, tools, accelerators and frameworks into our solution, which SAP qualifies and validates.


S/4HANA transformation for a global biopharmaceutical company


Our client, an American global biopharmaceutical company, was looking to drive faster, efficient and effective delivery of therapies to patients and customers by improving transparency and accuracy of information across the supply chain. The company wanted to reimagine and transform its business processes to achieve operational excellence across order to cash, source to pay, plan to inventory and account to report while complying with FDA, CFR Part 21, IFRS and GAAP norms. Its digital transformation strategy, driven by S/4HANA-led core modernization and technology rationalization, reached across a dozen disparate platforms.


As the lead partner, Cognizant delivered the digital agenda in three waves across the client’s manufacturing facilities in Europe, the U.S. and APAC and its affiliates in 18 countries in Europe, APAC and Latin America. We implemented SAP S/4HANA (on-premises and a public cloud) and integrated it with more than 18 technologies.


The company achieved its SAP S/4HANA transformation in a 30% shorter timeframe and realized $20 million in cost savings by leveraging Cognizant’s intelligent ERP platform, quality assurance and automation capabilities.

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