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Drive experience with insight with our digital services.


Cognizant’s powerful portfolio of SAP digital service offerings and tested methodology equip the digital arena for next-generation customer experience, products and services, organization and operations.

It is no longer enough for companies to experiment with digital projects; instead, they must become truly digital by permeating their strategies, culture and entire operations with a focus on providing customer and partner experiences guided by data insight. Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart products combined with improving their use of traditional technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning to change customer relationships, internal processes and value propositions.

We have launched a state-of-the-art Digital Touchstone Laboratory for SAP that explores and designs cutting-edge technological innovation to meet the demands of digital.


Our digital service offerings are built around customer engagement and commerce, operational excellence, enterprise collaboration and an agile business model.

Customer experience management services support:

  • Digital commerce enabled by hybris e-commerce platform
  • Contextual marketing powered by hybris on HANA
  • Loyalty management for customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer experience and innovation–omnichannel and customer relationship solutions
  • Customer analytics and insights
  • Salesforce enablement with SAP CEC product portfolio

Enterprise collaboration services support:

  • Employee connect services
  • SAP social integration

Operational excellence services support:

  • Digitization of sales and distribution process
  • Improvement of supply chain process
  • Smart business user experience–mobile and consumer experience
  • Real-time and predictive analytics
  • SAP Digital Analytics–HANA Analytics, big data, SAP data science, predictive analytics, HANA4IoT, mobile analytics and cloud analytics

Agile business model services support:

  • Digital cloud services–multiple deployment models including hybrid, complete cloud and side-by-side HCM
  • Hybrid model for agile enterprise
  • Billing and revenue innovation management
  • Digital product offering and bundling


Human resources cloud strategy, roadmap and SaaS-based solution for leading German airline


A €30-billion leading German airlines was struggling with a lack of standardization and data consistency within its global HR processes. The client had various solutions per country for different group companies causing highly complex interface landscapes.


We formulated an HR cloud strategy and roadmap and presented the business case for the best-suited solution. We developed a SaaS-based solution for harmonized HR processes across the enterprise. We developed proof of concept (PoC) for client specific functional and
non-functional restrictions, such as cloud and on-premise integration.


30% reduction in total cost of ownership

through deployment of modules in cloud

High user acceptance with minimal training

reduced the total training cost by 40%

Efficient implementation

with a modern, agile oriented methodology and a very fast return on investment (ROI)

Reduced time to implementation

resulting in quick ROI

Comprehensive global template

to drive standardized HR processes globally

Real-time and consistent reporting

across the globe


Leading pharmacy and beauty products retailer enhances customer loyalty through digitized offers


A £6.3-billion pharmacy and healthcare product retailer in the UK wanted to shift from physical coupons, kiosk era into the digital offers of virtual coupons. The client wanted a new age digital solution for its loyal customers for digitized offers.


We developed a digital solution for customer loyalty management, which allowed for targeted offers and reward updates to be sent to a shopper’s cell phone. We conducted a pilot rollout for two select stores successfully and followed this with a rollout to 550 stores and to all consumers.


Digital offers delivered via mobile phone

application for activation

Real-time and all-time availability of offers

via Web account for viewing and activation

Real-time visibility of digital offer points awarded:

transactions made at Client stores

On-the-fly updates on reward points:

updated immediately to central point balance in client's CRM system

Real-time discounts and offer usage status

via digital offers channel

Real-time ‘Virtual Campaign’ update

to CRM on activation

Real-time deal information

sent to stores from CRM


U.S.-based sports retailer improves sales and margins


A leading U.S.-based sports retailer was challenged with inconsistent selling process and a lack of real-time data, resulting in inaccurate order specifications and lengthy order cycle times. It needed to the improve in-store shopping process for enhanced customer experience.


We designed smart business solutions for streamlining the end-to-end process by leveraging SAP’s latest technology based on HANA and HTML 5.0 which provided unified and streamlined data across multiple channels.


100% accuracy

in order placements

75% cost savings

due to automated 3-way invoice matching

64% increase

in shipping charges

Improved special order business process

for store associates and customers

Order errors reduced to zero

through removal of obsolete components from the ordering list

Cross sells and upsells increased

through customer insights analysis


Electronics manufacturer uses data analysis to increase sales


A €21.4-billion global electronics manufacturer wanted to improve effectiveness and efficiency of its order managers, who were unable to boost sales because they could not track critical tasks and analyze customers’ buying patterns.


We developed best-practices based Fiori applications for the order-to-cash scenarios that provided features like personalization and prioritization on critical issues and important customers and accurate data analysis.


Seamlessly streamlined order-to-cash process

by integration of interfaces at a single screen which enabled user to track any order at any time

Improvement in the manager's efficiency and effectiveness

Increased customer focus

Availability of useful insights from data analysis

helped in cross sell/upsell/promotions and fulfilment of their customer expectations

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