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Evolutionary AITM Resources

How do companies stay relevant? Explore the community and resources in Cognizant’s Evolutionary AI Learn section.

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3 Strategies for Bigger and Better Results From Conversational AI

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Creating an AI-Powered Enterprise: How Evolutionary AI Will Inform Future Business Decisions

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Go Beyond Prediction With Evolutionary AI

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Preparing Data for AI

Discover how Cognizant’s AI experts can help you prepare good data for AI.

image of man walking down a path Eight Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI Read Now >
Making AI Responsible—And Effective—Full Report Read Now > image of silhouette of a transparent man's head showing a map of the world behind

AI Experimentation

Deciding to invest in AI solutions? Start small with an AI pilot project.

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AI: Ready for Business Learn More >
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Utility Uses Drones and AI to Reduce Service Failures—Data Modernization Platform Learn More >
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Data Science Fast—Tracks Cancer Drug Development Learn More >

AI to Scale

You don’t need to be an expert in AI, just start by letting Cognizant help you in automating these key steps.

image of someone looking at their mobile phone in front of a laptop The Insurance AI Imperative Read More >
Preventive Care, With a Dose of AI—Drug-seeking Behavior Read More > image of a healthcare provider in front of a computer screen