Modernize enterprise data methods, solutions and platforms

Data Modernization Method

When insights are buried in data, businesses need a clear way to transform how they source, interpret and consume this information. They need flexible data structures and a streamlined data architecture that quickly turns data resources into insightful, actionable intelligence.

The Cognizant AI Data Modernization Method is the leading-edge model to create a cloud-first, AI-driven data ecosystem, enabling organizations to generate maximum value with targeted results. Our Data Modernization Method enables cloud or on-site capabilities with pre-engineered platform components, tools and accelerators to accelerate data monetization. Unlock the value in legacy data stores and accelerate time to market with faster insight delivery through AI-enabled data engineering.

Data Modernization Platform

The Cognizant AI Data Modernization Platform is a system-of-intelligence platform that helps deliver business insights and leverages customer analytics from enterprise data. Our comprehensive business platform enables sophisticated customer data, business analytics, AI and machine learning solutions from a multitude of information sources—for timely, intuitive and context–specific decision-making.