Preparing Data for AI

Preparing Data for AI

Case Studies

image of woman healthcare provider lecturing & pointing to something on a smart TV

Examining physician notes identified social determinants of health, helping improve both quality of care and costs.

image of aerial view of retail store

A global consumer-goods client now has an automated way to syndicate product data to its 500 ecommerce partners.

image of a woman typing in a credit card number to make an online purchase

$5-$7 million improvement in credit card collections shown by identifying causal factors of cardholder payments.

image of a fast food worker packaging up a food order

Fast-food chain reduces drive-through order time by 10% and improves decision-making, staffing and marketing.

image of women talking though a headset on the phone

A P&C insurer now reviews 8,000 customer service calls per month, slashing supervisor review time by 35%–40%.

image of a drone flying in the sky

An electric utility is using AI image analytics to quickly identify maintenance issues, reducing outages and costs.

image of silhouette of a women in front of a data screen.

A biotechnology company better understands factors in patients following or abandoning medication regimens.

image of woman working at a computer

A large healthcare organization alerts for drug-seeking behaviors, combatting prescription drug dependence.

image of someone looking at a tablet screen

Cross-referencing research data speeds drug development and lowers clinical trials cost. 

image of a car in a flood

A top global insurance company used data to identify $3.3 billion in insurance opportunities with 83% accuracy.

image of healthcare provider and patient

A large health network identified and recommended appropriate solutions to improve interactions and satisfaction.

image of data shown on ipad

A global professional services company, reducing researcher time 14%, boosted reports output 30%.

image of man working

A global reinsurance company has improved underwriting efficiency, reduced time and increased acceptance rates.

image of a person making a note with a pen and note pad

A major bank’s check fraud system processes 1,200 checks per second and saves the bank $20 million annually.

image of a man at a mining operations site

A major mining company optimized employee housing and transportation management, saving $4 million per year.

image of man looking at his phone

A leading regional utility is using a virtual assistant to automate customer research to better inform its sales team.

image of doctor and pharma sales rep

A major pharmaceuticals company has reduced clinical oncology trials by 3-4 years and saved 10% in patient costs.

image of  heavy equipment machine

A global mining company increased transportation throughput by 8% and reduced annual capital costs by $30 million.

image of women using an ipad

A global life sciences company migrated 150TB, reduced data-hosting costs by 95% and saved the company $3.6 million/yr.

image of women working on a laptop

Learn how these 21 organizations improved their profitability and decision-making with artificial intelligence.

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