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Creating an AI-Powered Enterprise

Learn how evolutionary AI can inform business decisions by modeling da...

By: Babak Hodjat

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DataOps: Cut Analytics Costs & Speed Business Results

Understanding the path to DataOps requires rethinking technology, peop...

By: Jayaprakash Thakur

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Designing neural networks through neuroevolution

Neuroevolution makes it possible to train neural networks when gradien...

By: Risto Miikkulainen

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Why you need a cloud data council

Learn how cloud technologies are supporting data modernization initiatives

By: Anil Nagaraj

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Breaking the world record: Using enhanced optimization and novelty pulsation

Novelty pulsation's promising approach to deceptive problems

By: Hormoz Shahrzad

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Beware fraudsters: Evolutionary AI is going to catch you.

How evolutionary AI is helping identify new types of fraud

By: Nate Greenhut

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How Your Business Benefits from Data Modernization

What are the business benefits of a modern data architecture?

By: Anil Nagaraj

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Ensuring your data performs as an asset

Learn 3 ways improved data management can cut costs, improve customer ...

By: Anil Nagaraj

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Overcome Model Déjà Vu

Sharing learned functionality across diverse domains and architectures...

By: Elliot Meyerson, PhD

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Eye on design – 10 keys to AI success

Analytics solutions are supported by a set of well-known principles: k...

By: Rajaram "Raj" Venkataramani

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Can AI teach itself how to land on the moon

Using a surrogate model, AI can train itself and recommend optimal nex...

By: Olivier Francon

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Slowing Chronic Disease Progession

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms can help in find...

By: Kapila Monga

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Evolutionary AI: The Next Giant Leap for Artificial Intelligence

To mark the 50-year anniversary of the lunar landing, we used Evolutio...

By: Bret Greenstein, Babak Hodjat

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