AI Business Solutions


Evolutionary AITM

  • Improve predictions with evolutionary computation
  • Discover solutions beyond the limits of human capability
  • Rapidly test and refine solutions to achieve complex multi-variable outcomes

Customer Intelligence

  • Allow better decision-making for personalized and targeted interactions across touchpoints
  • Continually build loyalty through omnichannel experiences and customer behavior analysis in real time
  • Anticipate customer needs and identify the right markets for business growth and cost savings

Operations Intelligence

  • Optimize decision making in today's fast-paced, digital world by identifying predictive patters and trends
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to make your day-to-day business processes smarter and faster
  • Maximize working capital utilization and optimize vendor payment terms

Conversational AI

  • Create intelligent engagement by enabling commerce and care support
  • Provide strategy and consulting expertise
  • Deliver the most intelligent experience and end-to-end conversational innovation

Insight to AI

  • Use human insight from social science to inform machine learning and improve algorithms
  • Apply insights to quantitative big data to create reliable, actionable results
  • Discover meaningful behavioral context and insights from big data — revealing the motivations and influences that drive human decision-making

Product Intelligence

  • Respond quickly to market changes with exactly the right products
  • Improve engineering and design to build-in the features and personalization customers want
  • Access and align product information from different vendors and suppliers, in different countries and across various systems, platforms and applications

Fraud Insights & Intelligence

  • Complex algorithms reliably detect and recognize fraud to reduce risk
  • Use AI to dynamically adjust in real time to emerging threats
  • Identify, analyze, and control fraudulent transactions and erroneous payments before they are processed 


  • Understand the “why” behind business issues to design faster, more targeted solutions
  • Use causal insights to create models and predictions
  • Identify the quality of behaviors in the data with predictive outcomes and actions