Deliver More Data and Less Distraction in Scientific Labs


Pharmaceutical and biotech labs are complicated places—costly instruments, devices and equipment coexist besides custom software and various data silos. Planning, execution and collaboration is manual and inefficient, but embracing digital operations currently requires replacing extremely expensive equipment to work with a new platform.


Preserve Legacy Investments

The transition to a digital lab of the future is made simpler with Cognizant ConnectedLab. The platform’s infrastructure allows connectivity with existing custom applications and systems, and Cognizant provides expertise to retrofit existing instruments that are not IoT-enabled. Cognizant ConnectedLab is designed to maximize a lab’s existing investment as part of a digital journey.


Optimize Lab Processes

Once connected, instruments, devices and applications are available within Cognizant ConnectedLab to design processes and schedule them. The platform acquires data from equipment during operation, simplifying process execution and enabling adjustment during a process.


Drive Insight-Based Decisions

The intelligent analytics in Cognizant ConnectedLab ensure resources and equipment reveal their utilization in near-real-time. Instead of poring over usage reports from various instruments, lab personnel can identify quickly areas to improve process performance through the platform.

Cognizant ConnectedLab is currently accepting beta clients.

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