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Reimagine your future in the Collaboratory—our place to help fast-track solutions with new technologies and fresh ideas to modernize your business strategy.


Come work with us and explore new approaches to business challenges and opportunities.

Business and technology have never changed faster. And the opportunity has never been greater to create new customer experiences and launch new digital-based business models.

  • Explore how new digital solutions can help modernize your business strategy. Here, in the ultimate innovation space, your team can work with our data scientists, strategists, designers and technologists to address design issues, reshape business processes and greatly enhance your customer experiences.
  • Escape from the normal work environment by getting your team out of their routines, out of their seats and immersed into the process. At the Collaboratory, think differently—brainstorm, fabricate and develop plans that fuse digital and physical worlds to build the most advanced, next-generation products, services and business models.
The Collaboratory reduces development time and creates the most advanced digital solutions by combining Artificial Intelligence, Digital Strategy, Internet of Things, Interactive and Digital Engineering capabilities. You can also engage with us via our Client Briefing Program.



Start your visit by thinking big about your business challenges with our design thinkers, strategists, technologists and futurists. Get inspired and explore the art of the possible in a flexible space filled with exciting technology to discover new digital opportunities.


Extended, focused project work requires dedicated “team rooms” where work can be left one day and continued on the next. These spaces are also the perfect place to bring in key stakeholders for share-outs.


Flexibility is key. Open floor plans with flexible workspaces and office configurations enable groups to break out, test ideas and come back together to share results and brainstorm next steps. Writeable and pinnable surfaces keep work active and visible.


Workshop spaces and tools take prototypes from conceptual ideas to tangible physical forms. Large, open flexible spaces are used to mockup full-scale user experiences.


The virtual exploration of a complete product assesses how it operates to validate the real-world performance and to reduce the overall cost and time of development. Our software memberships and relationships, such as those that are part of the ToyBox, deliver rapid digital prototyping.


Depending on the type and scope required, user feedback can involve a full usability lab setup, a mock store or a comfortable conference room for one-on-one interviews.



Turn Inspiration Into Action

If you’re looking for the next great idea (or ways to produce it), this is where it can happen.

Many organizations come to the Collaboratory to get inspired and access the innovative equipment, resources and people to help them move from ideation to full production on their next product.

Other organizations come because they don’t know how to get started, or they’ve encountered technical obstacles that are difficult to resolve. In Cognizant’s Collaboratory, your team can work with innovators, data scientists, strategists, designers and technologists to address design issues, reshape business processes and enhance customer experiences.

The Key to Our Lab—Its People

Let us help you build a multidisciplinary team that turns insights into solutions.

The most important part of any lab is its core team. Multiple disciplines should be represented, including:

  • Anthropologists/Human Scientists uncover human insights.
  • Interactive Designers bring concepts to life.
  • Strategists connect the human, business and technology perspectives to define and scope projects.
  • Software Architects define and map out the digital structures you need.
  • Facilitators organize and run workshops.
  • Creative Technologists rapidly build the hardware and software to make an idea real.
  • Data Scientists connect prototypes to the right types of data. 
  • Administrators keep the facility running smoothly and remove friction.

Modernize Your Business Process

Our proven methodology for managed innovation helps you move rapidly from idea to prototype and scale up.

It’s not only the people and the place that encourage success, it’s also the process. The Collaboratory experience enables you to reimagine your business. Our process includes three important steps:

  1. IdeaLab Phase: Brainstorm, discover and think big. Our facilitator leads the conversation to bring your vision, priorities and plans together. Our team of experts and partners will enable the success of the project.

  2. Collaboratory Phase: Turn the initial concept into a reality by quickly refining it and determining the best tools and methods available. We start small, prototyping and validating the results with end users and key stakeholders.

  3. Foundry Phase: Build and test new products, finding out what works and planning for growth. We test ideas, incorporate feedback and determine how best to scale products quickly and successfully in your organization.


The Tools You’ll Use

Gain access to the technologies that enable tomorrow’s digital solutions.

Our human-centered approach creates valuable, compelling and engaging user experiences that build context for you. Rich data analytics are incorporated to provide insights that inform business decisions, enabling rapid responses to market and customer changes.

The technology and equipment used in the Cognizant Collaboratory is constantly changing to incorporate the latest emerging technologies. Some of the common tools that are actively used applications and devices include:

  • Inspire—use the latest gadgets such as Hololens, other AR/VR/MR headsets, IoT, wearables and automation devices.
  • Ideate and Innovate—all required AV and other presentation infrastructure.
  • Prototype—sensors, 3D printers and IoT deployment kits.



Enter our innovation space that brings together the required elements to enable teams to work together, create and achieve the art of the possible.

Join our team of designers, strategists, technologists, data scientists and partners in the Collaboratory. Cognizant's dedicated resources will be the partners you need to translate insights into functioning prototypes.


Located in the heart of the city’s business district, Cognizant’s Amsterdam Collaboratory enables clients, partners and associates to craft digital strategies and develop new digital solutions.


The London Collaboratory enables clients, partners and associates to imagine, design and prototype the most advanced digital solutions, and modernize overall business strategies.


Located in midtown Manhattan, the NYC Collaboratory is a dedicated digital innovation space that includes a showcase of new technologies in action, a fabrication space for prototyping, tools for “making” and collaboration, and configurable workspaces.


Located in the heart of the city’s technology district, the Melbourne Collaboratory includes a showcase of new technologies in action, a fabrication space for prototyping, tools for “making” and collaboration, and configurable workspaces for innovation.


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