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A comprehensive collaboration and productivity platform designed around the way people work together to solve business and technology problems.


The WorkPort Product Suite is a collaboration and productivity platform designed around the way people work together to solve business and technology problems. Applying social principles to collaborative work management, WorkPort helps realize the “Future of Work”, in which global communities stay actively engaged in a single system of engagement.


The Cognizant WorkPort Product Suite helps create “communities of purpose” that work together in a more natural, human-centric way. It makes the technology part of project workflows transparent to end users, so they can focus on the task at hand. WorkPort lets groups share information quickly and problem solve faster, leading to:

  • Improved project delivery, service level agreement (SLA) compliance, quality and time-to-market
  • More efficient and meaningful communications
  • Reduced communications "noise", administrative overhead and disjointed conversations
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction


Global Stakeholder Communities

WorkPort’s virtual, community-based approach adapts social principles to program and project lifecycle management. Members can share status updates, post and answer questions and share documents, applications and images—all delivered and managed in a specific work context.

Full-featured Knowledge Management

WorkPort’s knowledge management methodology ensures that employees can quickly classify, correlate and memorialize business-related information and conversations. Work‑related assets are available on a secure, web-based platform, which makes it easy to transfer knowledge in real-time across global teams.

Simple deployment, robust capabilities

WorkPort is easy to deploy and manage. Its open product architecture integrates readily with your enterprise tools and systems. It also provides integrated views, actions and governance across methodologies, disciplines and locations. Powerful search mechanisms index both unstructured and structured data, making it easy to find the right information quickly.

Business Process Workflows

WorkPort enables you to build workflows quickly and easily, no matter how complex. WorkPort also comes with a library of pre-built workflows that you can customize for even faster project starts.



Integrates multiple Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement into a single, mobility-optimized System of Work. WorkPort is rock-solid and feature rich out-of-the-box and is almost infinitely extensible for your industry, company, department or line of business.

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