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A one-stop shop for automating key activities across the Enterprise Analytics project delivery lifecycle, spanning design, development, code review, data validation and maintenance, while ensuring collaboration and enforcing quality assurance at every stage.

All EA projects involve activities that are time‑consuming, repetitive, complicated or impractical if done manually. Platform for Information Value Management™ helps simplify and accelerate these activities and brings about considerable effort savings through automation, enables reusability, standardizes processes and improves overall quality.


One‑stop shop for entire delivery lifecycle

With 10 components that address key touch-points across the delivery curve, Cognizant's platform enables automation in a variety of ways and ensures faster turnaround. Automation includes code review, metadata consolidation, data validation, data comparison, data generation, test automation, impact analysis, operational auditing & data lineage analysis.

Faster turnaround for delivery

The platform enables automation across activities and guarantees effort savings ranging from 30% to 75% based on scenario complexities, frequency of occurrence, technologies used & data volumes covered.

Development flexibility and compartmentalization

Activities are unified across multiple technology layers, products and stakeholders in a single consistent and collaborative platform with the flexibility to address specific touch points relevant to the engagement.

Global knowledge repository

The platform accumulates best practices and key learnings from implementations to generate a feedback mechanism that lowers delivery times and costs even further. This includes consolidation review checklists, data quality rules, test case templates & other reusable assets.



Cognizant’s proprietary information management solution is an integrated platform that blends collaboration, value creation, workflow automation, process orchestration and knowledge management.

Platform for Information value Management | Cognizant Technology Solutions