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Transform your business processes with the disruptive and innovative use of technology. Test multiple strategies and quantify ROIs through rapid POCs. Discover your data secrets.

The paradigm shift in business models, driven by pervasive information and digitalization, necessitate the need for using 'data' as a competitive differentiator. A data-driven test & learn approach to innovation is required. Techquarium, an information science ecosystem, empowers businesses to conduct new ideation through innovative experimentation. Techquarium can help leapfrog your business ahead of competition and assist you in your digital transformation through business and technology accelerators that are backed by world-class labs providing seamless technology experience to the users.


Unleash the Power of Your Ideas with Cognizant's Information Science Ecosystem


A highly experienced and skilled team providing consulting and implementation services on business data analysis, business consultancy and decision engineering.

Reduce time-to-market

Solution accelerators and IP that assist in automating and fast-tracking project implementation.

Increase business leverage:

Information science lab for rapid replication of client's data dilemma and prototyping multiple proof-of-concept style solutions.

Create non-linear solutions:

Through business ideation and analyzing new sources of data, create disruptive solutions that result in new non-linear revenue streams.

Guidance for unknown unknowns and prescription for known unknowns:

Transform business processes with disruptive and innovative use of technology for discovering new business insights, customer segments and markets.


Introduction of Loyalty Card program for a Leading Retailer – For a leading supermarket chain, Cognizant ingested data from social media sites into Techquarium and generated previously unknown insights. Subsequently, Cognizant recommended the retailer to launch a new loyalty card program for one of their product lines. The value demonstrated through Techquarium helped generate a new revenue stream.

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