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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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Security Management as a Service

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Manage your IT security comprehensively with Cognizant's Security Management as a Service.


Cognizant’s Security Management as a Service (SMaaS) provides the global IT security your enterprise needs in an integrated and on-demand service offering. Available both in the cloud and on-premise, SMaaS holistically detects vulnerabilities that can slip between the cracks and impact brand reputation, revenue generation and shareholder value. SMaaS seamlessly combines risk-based intelligence with big data analytics, behavioral algorithms and a real-time executive dashboard to provide a bottoms-up and top-down view of enterprise risk and security posture.




Achieve Integrated Security Coverage Fast

Our service-based approach and risk intelligence capabilities will jumpstart your security efforts while working with the security products you already have, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Built-in data analytics automatically detect most security issues that threaten businesses at every level, including vulnerabilities from data proliferation, BYOD, unpatched software and lack of communication among departments.

Detect and Neutralize Emerging Threats

Cognizant SMaaS uses self-learning and anomaly detection to proactively find emerging IT threats such as unpatched database software or unusual usage activity from one or more traveling executives. Behavioral usage patterns are identified in real-time as possible breaches, while risk-based actions trigger appropriate actions anywhere on the network. Meanwhile, continuous monitoring provides a single real-time view across technology silos to help you and your team make better risk-based decisions.

Data Dashboards Help Visualize Threats

With data dashboards, business executives and IT professionals alike can visualize security threats from anywhere on the network and take appropriate action. At the CXO level, a risk intelligence dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of enterprise risk, including a summary view of department and geographical risk threats. Other dashboards provide identity visualization by user, visualization of security data analytics and insight into risk policy management and reporting.

Flexible Pricing Model

Cognizant SMaaS is available either as a managed service for the public cloud or as individual modules for secure on-premise deployment. A BPaaS option with a CXO decision support system and audit support is available as well. All configurations follow the basic principle that customers pay only for the components they use.


Cognizant SMaaS Data Sheet

Learn about the top 10 features of SMaaS, including advanced correlation, predictive modeling, activity monitoring, user activity certification and high risk user analysis. Also includes screenshots of the executive dashboard.

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