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Prepare your business for the subscription economy with turnkey solutions for subscription-based businesses.


Moving to a subscription-based model impacts every aspect of operations across the organization—from business processes and business rules to billing and payments. Cognizant S3P Subscription Enablement Platform is the only cloud‑based, end‑to‑end solution that manages all aspects of a subscription‑based revenue model enabling businesses to quickly set up subscription offerings with limited business disruption.



Minimize Business Disruption By Using An Integrated Enterprise Class Solution

Transitioning to a subscription-based model impacts every aspect of the business ecosystem. That’s why the S3P platform includes pre-configured modules that seamlessly integrate with CRM, ERP and other IT systems. Leveraging the platform, companies can eliminate much of the heavy lifting associated with changes to account creation and hierarchy, order fulfillment, usage tracking and invoicing, payment processing and integration with enterprise backbone systems.

Maintain Competitive Advantage With End-to-end Recurring Revenue Management

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines any more. Enterprises of all shapes and sizes are capitalizing on new enablement models to establish revenue predictability, create a more intimate relationship with their customers and provide differentiated competitive advantage. With S3P, companies can optimize revenue drivers like recurring and auto-billing options, invoices and statements, payments and credits and dunning. Offering customers this level of customized flexibility encourages repeat and upgrade purchases, which in turn builds customer loyalty and business profits.

Meet Unique Market Needs By Leveraging Pre-configured Industry Modules

With S3P’s pre-configured modules, companies can deliver on the diverse and unique needs of customers across vertical markets. Coupled with S3P analytics, businesses can stay ahead of the curve to deliver customers what they want, when they want it. And the ability to roll out new pricing strategies—from trials, free months and rollover to promotions and discounts—quickly and seamlessly enables businesses to be responsive to these market demands. 


S3P Subscription Enablement Platform Overview

The S3P Subscription Enablement Platform is the only cloud‑based, end‑to‑end, off the shelf solution that manages all aspects of a subscription‑based business.

S3P Subscription Enablement Platform Microsite

Learn how the S3P Subscription Enablement Platform helps businesses transition to a recurring subscription business model that meets the unique, diverse and ever‑changing needs of customers.

S3P Subscription Enablement Platform | Cognizant Technology Solutions